LFW: AW15 Manuel Facchini Presentation

6 March 2015

Please may I introduce you to Manuel Facchini, an Italian designer who graduated from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins and became the creative director for Byblos in 2006; in which he turned this long-established Italian ready-to-wear brand into a competitive on the international market. 

Recently he has started on a new adventure.. his own brand!

This year at London Fashion Week in February 2015, the Italian designer presented the public his dream and the results of years of professional growth made of experimentation, creativity, awareness of ongoing changes and with the energy needed to rise to new, stimulating challenges with his usual passion. This is how the Manuel Facchini brand came into being, a label with an international vision founded on an elegant womenswear collection that is sophisticated in its concept and its manufacturing, which is done entirely in Italy.

“I’ve been wanting to take this step for a long time. At last I’ve created a label that will say exactly who I am, one that I can direct on all levels starting from scratch. A brand that emerges already free of any form of conventionality”, says Manuel Facchini, founder and creative director.

This collection oozed rocker genes with sporty touches, with stunning leather jackets and structural dresses all made in Italy.



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