February Treat: Sexy Fitness Gear!

1 March 2015

Last month I told you all about my new years resolution which is to spend more on one or two items for my wardrobe that will really benefit me, rather than something which is on trend and from the high-street that will keep my style attention for all of 2 months!! So I'm doing a year long blog feature on what I'm spending my monthly pay cheque on each month.... 

This month's payday treat has to be something to keep me on the road for my other new years resolution, 'To Get In Shape' !! I've hit that February fitness brick wall, therefore, to get me motivated again I'm buying a new gym and yoga outfit from my favourite brand!!!

February: A Lululemon Outift

The story of how Lululemon began goes a little something like this.... After 20 years in the surf, skate and snowboard business, founder Chip Wilson took the first commercial yoga class offered in Vancouver and found the result exhilarating. The post-yoga feeling was so close to surfing and snowboarding that it seemed obvious that yoga was an ideology whose time had come.

In 1998, Lululemon's first real store opened in the beach area of Vancouver BC called Kitsilano, in November of 2000. The idea was to have the store be a community hub where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living from yoga and diet to running and cycling as well as the mental aspects of living a powerful life of possibilities. 

All pictures I took of the lovely Sabrina wearing; 
JacketTop, and Leggings, which I promptly purchased this month as soon as I got paid!

Lululemon has recently come to the UK and has stolen the hearts of every fitness freak here. Although items are on the pricey side, it's well worth it, as you can say goodbye to Miss Camel Toe and hello to Miss Sexy Ass!!! This is the reason that I've been totally sucked into this brand, I buy their gear, write for their blog and genuinely think that they're a lovely brand. 

What's your February wardrobe treat?



  1. OMG I totally agree with this resolution. I went shopping in the mall the other day and it's all just poorly made junk! Plus here in NZ we have a really good homegrown quality mid-priced market I should be shopping from!
    I love your Lululemon Pieces. As an avid practicer of Pilates their products have been on my shopping list!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. I agree too, i've started buying more shoes instead of zara clothes


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