Stalked: Sabrina Percy, Artist

9 February 2015

Recently I did a blog post for the yoga brand Lululemon, on the Chelsea born artist Sabrina Percy. This talented and very gorgeous lady was commissioned by Lululemon to produce a piece of work for their new Kings Road store. She was inspired by the quintessentially British aspects of the ‘Royal Borough’ and even included traditional English animals with a comic edge, such as the yoga posing pheasants, foxes, and stags.

I caught up with Sabrina for a coffee next to a log fire at The Builders Arms, a homely pub just off the Kings Road to talk about her home exercise regime, art and why she loves the versatility of her Lululemon wardrobe.

How would you describe you style?

I would say my style is very laid back. It has to be comfortable. If I’m not comfy and don’t feel comfortable wearing it, then I’m probably not leaving the house. I think because of my Height (6”2), I let the height do all the talking and let what I’m wearing take a back seat. If I’m going out I always veer as close to smasual  (smart/casual) as I think I can get away with. Heels aren’t a no no, but I want to be able to walk, dance and run if needs be.

The beautiful painting Sabrina did for Lululemon.

Favourite place and way to stay fit?

I like running by the river and around Eel Brook Common, and then for my workouts, I do them at home. I’m really into my fitness apps at the moment. I love ‘Sworkit Pro’ and ‘Yoga Studio’. I love them because I can blast my favourite music, choose exactly what I want to do and how long, and go at my own pace.

Favourite place to eat/coffee?

At the moment my favourite place to eat is Rabbit at 172 Kings Road. The food is so good and wholesome! The brothers who run it are from west Sussex and partly so am I, so its nice to be able to go somewhere in the middle of Chelsea that reminds me of the amazing pub food down in the country. My favourite place for coffee is the Phene Garden. It has heaters for the winter with big white umbrellas to keep you dry, great comfortable seating, even some swinging chairs, and looks beautiful in the summer.

 Hidden Local Secret?

For me, the Hidden Local secret is the Chelsea Physic Garden. It’s the second oldest botanical garden in Britain. It also has the statue of Sir Hans Sloane in the centre of the garden, who brought drinking hot chocolate to the UK from Jamaica and as an avid hot chocolate drinker I feel I have a lot to thank him for. I first Discovered this little gem when my mother and step farther had their wedding reception there back in the 90’s. It was summer and the garden looked beautiful. Also, I love The Tangerine Dream Café - unbeatable for a summer’s day afternoon tea out on the terrace.

To see the full article I wrote for Lululemon, click here.



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