Stalked: Aquila Rose, Yoga Teacher, Islington.

26 January 2015

January not only marks the start of a new year, it is also the month that everyone signs up to the gym and promises to themselves to get fit and loose that holiday bulge. It's now coming towards the end of January and we all know that our enthusiasm for the gym will start to die (mine never started!). So this stalk is dedicated to keeping with those fitness regimes, as I caught up with Aquila, a yoga teacher and Lululemon ambassador.  She balances her time between East London and the countryside, getting the perfect mix of culture and fresh air. Here are a few tips from Aquila, who is starting up her own yoga studio on how to keep with it...

Advice for everyone starting a new year of fitness and your favourite way to work off that holiday indulging?

Start small if you are starting a run programme, don’t bother doing a 10 mile job, you’ll just end up hating yourself. Start with a slow steady 10 mins and build up a minute a day. But if you are starting yoga, try and go to class every day for a month and see if you can stop after that. You’ll be hooked! 

How would you describe your style?

Functional. Comfort and function override anything else, but I like to keep something fun in my wardrobe, like one bright colour.

Favourite place to sweat in London?  

I love Lololam's class at Yoga Rise in Peckham or Alice Sims girls fitness class at Hackney Cross Fit.

After sweating where do you love to eat?

 For I'm loving the Hackney Bureaux's avocado on toast and they do a mean coffee too.  

What are your hidden gems around where you live in Islington?

A good long walk along the canal. The link from Islington to East London, my circuit. It helps clear the mind and keeps me close to nature in this crazy city. 

Five items you can't live without?

Lemons- I need my warm lemon water in the morning especially if I am teaching an early class and there’s no time for breakfast. 

My rucksack from Lululemon- It carries my life around with me. It makes everything so much easier and it’s waterproof so if I get stuck in a downpour my laptop doesn’t drown.

My leather jacket. I’ve been trying to replace it to become a more grown up woman, but it seems to keep ending up on my back. I love it like a second skin. 

Vetiver essential oil- It’s the smell of this year. I wear it everywhere. And lather people with it in class. It takes me to dark damp woods and wild wet seasides. 

Kombucha- I think it will actually cure everything. I’m constantly brewing it in my kitchen. It’s a fermented tea and I flavour it with lots of herbs from the garden or the spice rack. My fave at the moment is rosemary. I normally have a bottle with me everywhere I go. 



  1. You are so right, we shouldn't be too ambitious :) Love your hairdo, so cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Soo cool! Brilliant interview

  3. Such a cool look.^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Cut look. Love the Lulu Lemon rucksack. (new post)

  5. I have never heard about Kombucha, I have to try this! :)

  6. great post! Now I'm inspired to do yoga everyday!


  7. great post!

  8. Lovely head band!

  9. what a cute headband! stylish yoga teacher!

  10. Great post, love your hair so much!!

  11. I am planning to start with yoga this will be disaster, I know, but I will try =D

    Happy Tuesday,

  12. Awesome post! Im in love with the photos. Have an amazing Wednesday dear! :)

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  13. She looks very cool!

  14. Lovely outfit :)


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