Back To Basic Stalking: Fringing

28 December 2015

At the moment I can't help but love a bit of fringing right now, what with it being all over the AW15 shows, with bohemian Burberry with it’s tan suede fringed trenches and fringed ponchos, it’s got me totally sucked in and rather loving the whole trend!!

I stalked this guy as on the streets of soho for this very reason…

One of my fringing crushes at the moment is the AW15 burberry fringe biker jacket… which has just gone into the sale .. <grabbing credit card as i type!> you can find it here.

I stopped this guy solely for the jacket but after talking to him for a little I found out that this fashionista also works in the industry and is a photographer similar to myself. I didn't catch his name but I thought he was rather cool!

Stalked: Krasimira Stoyneva, Emerging Fashion Designer

14 December 2015

Established in 2014, Krasimira Stoyneva’s signature use of hair and fabrication in her designs have become globally recognised. Her highly commended debut collection ‘Future Queens’ merged her signature style, with innovation and confidence for an inspiring reinvention of designs for the fashion industry.

I caught up with her to find out more about her latest hairy collection... 

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I suppose it have always been present trough my family. I grew up watching my mum sew. My grandparents also were in the industry and I always aspired to be like them.  

Stalked: Camilla Elphick, Shoe Designer

7 December 2015

My regular readers will remember that last year I first stalked the talented designer, Camilla Elphick, dubbed the next Sophia Webster. Not only does she design the most gorgeous shoes, she also has very subtle unique style, with temperatures dropping, I particularly love this look!

Stalked: Sylvia, Fashion Designer, Anderst

30 November 2015

Sylvia has been an internationally renowned fashion stylist, costume designer and consultant for celebrities, films and design houses. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Fine Art in Germany, she was invited to work for German Vogue,which led her to New York and a future in the Fashion and Advertising world. She is known for her elegant, refined and sophisticated eye for style, which she has developed through her years as a staple in the fashion industry. I stumbled across this designer recently when doing a spot of Christmas wish list shopping for myself, one of my favourite pieces which certainly made the cut was her Morla Alrun Sweater, a casual sweater made of a brushed mink cashmere wool mix, with a soft cowl mock neck hand sewn in New York with French seam finishing. Yum!! (First pictured).

I caught up with her over email from New York to find out more about her brand and how she started.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

It was less a decision than growing into it, a result of my childhood coming from a family of makers and creators. As a little girl my mother made my clothes and handed down her knowledge, while my Painter father taught me the vision, colors and many techniques, which I translated early on into fashion.

Stalked: Annabel Leigh, Jewellery Designer

26 November 2015

Annabel Leigh is the very talent American based jewellery designer whose creations are not only beautiful they are something more.. she wanted her jewellery to feel like armour or amulets that preserve memories, give protection or perhaps bring luck and love if you believe it enough.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I’ve always had an aspect of creativity in my life; whether that was dance as a child, theatre studios in college, later photography. I started metal-smithing because at the time I wanted to try something new so did a short ring making class at a local art’s centre which turned into many nights working from my apartment.  There was something meditative in the ancient lost wax carving process that got me hooked.

Stalked: Doriane Sabadac, Emerging Fashion Designer

12 November 2015

I was first captured by Doriane's collection by her stunning use of photography, using the body and form which brings her whole collection together. Graduating in 2015 she based her final collection around a series of photographs by artist Josephine Cardin's; titles " Fading Shades Of Gray ". Based in France I caught up with her over email to find out more about the designer behind the brand.

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

To be right, I dashed into the fashion because I always liked associating clothes between them. Create looks, styles according to what I like. When I integrated ESMOD, I didn’t know how to either draw, or sew. I did not know the world of Fashion, the designers, etc. … I learnt everything during my studies and it is at the end of my last year, during the ESMOD first fashion show, it came up to me that; I wanted to create my own collection too.

Stalked: Vivien Tauchmann, Fashion Designer

6 November 2015

I recently stumbled across the talented Vivien Tauchmann a fashion designer from Germany, fresh out of university. Her focus within her design process is to work conceptually across the borders of fashion to extract new ways to combine material, form and craftsmanship. The aim of her work is to support ideas and opportunities of durability and sustainability in an artistic way.

I caught up with her from Germany to find out more about her and her latest collection.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I don’t exactly remember why it became the fashion path. 
Since I can remember I always loved to do something with my hands and create things- out of wood, ceramics, paper and textiles. 
Later, I was fascinated how much expressive power clothing can have, individually and for society. Just think about issues like gender equality.
That was probably the start of my motivation to get into fashion. 
We all wear clothes and even if we don’t care of what we are wearing, we send a statement to the outer world. There lays a huge potential to improve things!

The Burberry Festive Treat

3 November 2015

Firstly to all my lovely readers I'm sorry I have totally fallen off the radar lately, lets just say the day job has taken over slightly but now I can safely say I'll be getting back to normal now that Christmas has launched!!! Here's a little peep at what has been entertaining me at work all this time...

Tonight Burberry launched their 2015 Festive Film, staring an incredible British cast to celebrate 15 years of one of my favourite film/musical and book.. Billy Elliot!

Watch the film here.

Back To Basic Stalking: A Stylish Duo

26 October 2015

I stalked these two very stylish individuals recently after the Pheobe English presentation, is these two were apart I probably wouldn’t have stopped them but together their look and attitude oozed style and was an irresistible stalk!

Stalked: Marie Sloth Rousing, Emerging Fashion Designer

21 October 2015

Marie Sloth Rousing started her brand in 2015 after graduating from Kolding School of Design, Rousing’s designs push the boundaries of conventional silhouettes but with a simplistic colour palate. I stumbled across her recently and loved the simplicity and form of her clothing, I simply had to find out more about the thought process behind this talented designer.

Why did you decide to be a designer and what do you love about it? 

I have always loved to create and to learn how to make new things. So in a quite young age I knew I wanted to be a designer. I love working with materials and creating shape in context with the body. Changing 2D patterns into 3D shapes. 

Back To Basic Stalking: The Flare

19 October 2015

Now however much my other half and male friends wail with disgust every time I wear my flares nothing will stop me loving these bad boys – there is something about that 70s look that always makes me feel elegant, and a right little seventies dancing queen.

 I stalked this gorgeous lady on the streets of soho, her flares, burberry trench coat, neck scarf and beautiful red all scream effortless styling.. something which I firmly believe is what fashion and style is all about!

Stalked: SS16 BCollide

14 October 2015

BCollide, as my regular stalkers may know is one of my favourite emerging brands, now in their 2nd season they recently showed their SS16 collection to press and buyers from across the world at London and Paris fashion week. This season they were featured in the official London fashion week digital schedule, so as this exciting brand gathers momentum I caught up with the designer Johnny Wang to find out more about BCollide’s SS16 collection.

Your SS16 collection is incredible and your latest campaign looks stunning. What was the best part of shooting it?

Thank you so much! You made our day! The best part about the entire production of the concept book shoot was to work with our DREAM TEAM. Photographer: Federico Ferrari. Stylist: PC Williams. PR: SANE Communications. Model: Josephin at M+P Models. MUA: Martina Latanzzi. Hair: Valerie Benavides. And we shot at Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard! Couldn’t have been any BETTER!

Back To Basic Stalking: Monochrome

12 October 2015

 The monochrome colour palate is back! With shows such as Burberry keeping their SS16 collection to a minimum with colours, we all can’t get enough of that good old perfect black and white duo! I stalked this lady during London Fashion Week, her overall styling is spot on when it comes to keeping things very simply, topped off with a striking pair of sunnies and a beautiful tailored jacket I think you will agree she deserved to be stalked!

Stalked: Tarra Rosenbaum, Jewellery Designer

7 October 2015

I stumbled across this very talented jewellery designer recently when I was looking through an old shoot with Alix of Bohemia, in one of these shots she is wearing a bat ring.. and so the hunt started to find the amazing designer behind this beautiful piece of jewellery. Finally I did and of course I had to stalk her for you guys!

Why did you decide to be a jewellery designer?
I don’t know if you decide or if your craft decides for you.
I have always worked with my hands and sometimes I say this is the adult version of what I did as a child. When I went to university I enjoyed the challenge and clarity of the sciences while minoring in art history. In the end I gravitated back to the arts, using my science background to become an art conservator during the day and a jewelry designer in my free time. I love the three dimensional aspect to jewellery, using my sculpting skills along with the technical side of metallurgy which uses my chemistry. It’s a little bit of light engineering and then the pure glam of creating beautiful things and playing with stones from all around the world.      

Stalked: Petra Vuletic, Emerging Fashion Designer

2 October 2015

Berlin is known for it's current volume of rising talent, artists and fashion designers are blooming out of this country at the moment, a great example is my latest stalk; Petra Vuletic.

Petra Vuletic was born in 1990, she is a Master student at ESMOD, Berlin, finishing the programme in 2015. During the Bachelor studies she established a brand VULETICHORTIG with her colleague Sasa Hortig. They received several awards and much recognition as a result of their collaboration.

I caught up with her to find out more about her love for design and what inspires her..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

 I will be honest and say that I don’t remember, I guess I was attracted by the feeling of freedom in the fashion industry, you could do anything and it was always contemporary. Fashion industry is kind of obsessed with novelties, and I am not an exception. I am still driven by that, however now I love how diverse notion of the fashion can be and how far you go into an idea just to make a piece of wearable garment, trend or a statement.

Stalked: Arina, Fashion Designer, PRITCH LONDON

30 September 2015

I stalked Arina a while back when she was on her AW14 collection, who is the designer behind Pritch London, the most INCREDIBLE leather brand! 
This talented designer has a fab personality to shoot and her bubbliness is hard not to fall for, thats why I always love shooting her, so when I bumped into her at the Pez party during LFW, I simply has to meet up with her the following day to find out more about her latest collection. 

What's your latest collection all about and what were you inspired by?

it is inspired by the femininity of the woman, her innocence and inside beauty... Remember, she is a rebel outside, but very a soft soul inside..

Double Take Stalking at London Fashion Week 2015

28 September 2015

During London Fashion Week stylish individuals are incredibly easy to find and without being a stalker in a sweet shop and stopping everyone, it was time for some selective stalking. 

These were some of my favourite ladies I couldn't help but do a double take and stalk!

LFW: SS16 Pheobe English Presention

26 September 2015

What a truly stunning show by this ever emerging talent Pheobe English, a name that is being a very well loved one within the industry.

Her SS16 collection was a beautiful marriage of textures, simply monotone palette and simplistic silhouettes.  It was an original and sophisticated take on deconstruction, all in all a wonderful collection... Excellent work Pheobe!

LFW: Day 2 Back To The Soho Streets

22 September 2015

London Fashion Week for the last 6 years has been held in the elegant surroundings of Somerset House but this season things have changed.. Now against the backdrop of chinese restaurants and brothels, London Fashion Week has found a new home and that home would be no other place than Soho! 

Being held in this location lent itself perfectly for some playful and more interesting street style photography but forget Brewer Street in which the main hub of London Fashion Week was residing (the location of the designer showrooms and show space). This street can only be described as fashion chaos, as cars honked at posing fashionistas and bloggers to pass and crowds gasped as stinky rubbish lorries ploughed though these immaculately dressed individuals! Brewer street certainly is worth seeing but you'll go mad if you're there longer than 5 minutes!! 

I instead took to the streets to see what I could stalk in the surrounding area...  

LFW Day 1: The Pez Party, Camilla Elphick

20 September 2015

On Friday the talented shoe designer Camilla Elphick launched her latest SS16 collection in a super cool showroom on the back streets of Soho, right next door to the famous night club The Box. 

Sweet sounds boomed from the speaker as the DJ played all night, with guests sipping on glasses of bubbly and green tea cocktails, this party was certainly an excellent way to start the London Fashion Week festivities!

A Very Special Opening: Ai Weiwei

17 September 2015

On Wednesday, a very special and long anticipated exhibition opening took place, that was of course the arrival of Ai Weiwei and his first UK exhibition since his release from China. Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist, who was imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for speaking his mind. 

I was lucky to be invited to the opening party at the RA, along with the likes of Grayson Perry and many other big art figures. Ai got up on stage at the end of the speeches, didn't say anything, but his audience went crazy! Here are a few little snaps from the opening.

Stalked: Daniela Gina Geraci, Emerging Designer.

14 September 2015

My latest emerging designer stalk is Daniela Geraci, an illustrator and print designer. Her final major project was titled ‘Too Hard to Care’ is a luxury collection of glitter coated textural and illustrative prints. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I always loved playing dress up and drawing as a kid and when I was 10 years old I read an article in a magazine about fashion design - and thats when I realised it could be an actual career, so from then onwards it's what I wanted to do.

Stalked: Yitan Sun, Design Director, W.S.Studio

11 September 2015

Like a touch of faux fur? 

If so you will love the young designers, behind W. S. Studio and their latest collection. Inspired by the Mongolia Wrestler culture, styles are loose, random and mysterious. 

I met up with the two founders to discuss the brand and to find out what makes them tick..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

When I was young, I liked cutting newspapers, shaping them and dressing my friends with them. Later, I was in high school, I watched a fashion show on television, it was Dior's Haute couture show by John Galliano, the concept was "Madam Butterfly". I felt the show was like a dream, especially the last scene was amazing, then I fell in love with it and I think of fashion design as a dream making machine which could help my dreams come true. So I decided to come to London to learn how to design.

Stalked: Simone Leimgruber, Emerging Fashion Designer, Le Fille

8 September 2015

Recently I stumbled across the very talented menswear designer, Simone Leimgruber, the creative brains behind the brand Le Fille. Simone challenges the boundaries of menswear without breaking any traditional codes, her designs are focused on high quality and attention to details with a sporty twist and a feminine aesthetic build the core.

I caught up with her to find out how she's shaping her brand and what inspires her..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I am drawn to everything aesthetically and fashion seams so naturally in expressing this. Five years ago my parents took me to a design exhibition where fashion schools advertised their courses and I realised that this can be a realistic profession. After a year of gaining technical skills at the Swiss Textile College I moved to London with the ambition to study in a vibrant fashion metropolis. And here I am, still enjoying the richness of cultural resources and opportunities.

Stalked: Roy Kersten, Fashion Designer

1 September 2015

I stumbled across Roy Kersten lately, an emerging fashion designer based in London - I loved his use of feminine silhouettes and minimalist designs. I caught up with him to find out more about his latest collection.

Why did you decide to be a fashion designer? 

I love the idea of enhancing women's beauty by making intricate yet elegant looking designs.

Stalked: Olya Stelmakhova, Founder & Designer OSTEL

25 August 2015

One of the ways I look for emerging designer is through the wonderful world of Instagram.. this is where a lot of young designers and brands are promoting themselves and even selling collection through instead of wholesale. Recently I stumbled across Ostel, a Ukrainian designer who starting her brand 3 years. In 2014 Olga presented her  SS15 collection ‘Surf your life’  in Paris, and during Fashion Week Middle East in Dubai and Ukrainian Fashion Week. I loved her unique styling and designs so she was a must stalk for Style StreetStalker!!

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

I like to design everything, if I wasn't fashion designer maybe I could be furniture designer)

At first I liked to design clothes for my self and my friends, then I started to sell it via my on-line shop. I decided that fashion business is easy but now I understand it is not) My first serious fashion step was on Fashion Scout at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. It was exiting moment.

I am not big fashion fan, I just transfer my inspirations, my thoughts into clothes. The main my principle is to create unique differ staff, not mass market.

Stalked: Max Tan, Fashion Design

19 August 2015

Think androgynous meets soft geometrical, this intriguing designer I stumbled across recently experiments with unique cuts merged with simplicity. Max conjures up silhouettes that conceal the wearer's form, creating a new shape altogether. I caught up with him over email for the meantime until he pays us a visit in London!

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I guess a big part of it is attributed to my mother who is a seamstress. I grew up surrounded with fabrics, paper papers etc. I think being exposed to the technical aspect of garment making first rather than fashion has also influenced the way I design. 

Stalked: Talia Cansiz, Emerging Fashion Designer

12 August 2015

The lovely Talia is another designer I met at graduate fashion and the last of my GFW darlings.. I loved her final collection.. think Sports Lux !

 What do you love about designing?

I love that designing, particularly in Fashion, combines art and function. I feel lucky to work in an industry that I love and which appreciates creative minds. I always strive to problem solve, so working towards a market and a purpose is what drives my designs. Seeing my work in the flesh or spotting it in store is really rewarding.

Stalked: Chloe Smith, Graduate Fashion Designer

10 August 2015

 Another one to watch fresh out of college is Chloe Smith, with her very cool final show of mystical creatures and houndstooth....

What do you love about designing?

I enjoy seeing what I have sketched brought to life and become something wearable. It's the whole process from start to finish really, the creativity and freedom to make anything I want! It's such a great feeling when someone asks where your clothes are from and the answer is 'I made it'. I'm really looking forward to seeing people on the street wearing my designs in the future.

Stalked: Emerging Fashion Designer, Chu Wang

3 August 2015

Please may I introduce you to another of tomorrows big designers, Chu Wang, a recent graduate who I discovered at Graduate Fashion Week and absolutely adored his stunning designers, drawing on his Chinese upbringing. I caught up with him to find out more about his collection and whats next..

What do you love about designing? 

I am always inspired by a multitude to things from a location to architecture to photography and even a piece of plain paper. I like to combine 2D work from different media and develop it into 3D.

Stalked: Annamarie Sabo, Jewellery Designer, La Corza

30 July 2015

Recently I was introduced to the very talented Annamarie Sabo, the jewellery designer behind La Corza; “Inspiration is never the question,” says Annamarie. “It’s really finding ways to channel that inspiration, to decide which lines to follow and how far, that is my challenge.” I caught up with her to find out why she loves designing and what tips she has for young emerging designers...

How did you get to where you are now and what do you love about jewellery design? 

When you start with nature as your inspiration, you are never at a loss for ideas. I literally fill my sketchbooks with ideas when I'm out traveling and then begin the lengthy process of seeing which designs speak the loudest, or demand to be made. My first cactus cuff bracelet happened that way, by seeing the interior skeleton of a preserved cactus while I was hiking through the desert. That architecture that was revealed, the fine network of veins that once carried the life force of that magnificent plant, struck me as an amazing pattern. From there I began seeing the shape of a bracelet wrapped around my wrist, as if it were carrying that same energy back into my body. That was years ago and I am still refining that design with many different variations.

I design for both women and men, and that is one La Corza's strengths, I think. I love seeing my designs on people from people who look different from one another but share something within, a certain strength and certainty. I'm thrilled that my pieces look as stunning on Conchita Wurst as they do on an NFL football player or someone as iconic as Alicia Keys or Alexa Chung. I design for individuals who want to stand out.

Stalked: Johnny Wang Emerging Designer, BCollide

23 July 2015

You may remember I previously blogged about these guys in February this year when they were manically preparing for London Fashion Week, well now things are slightly calmer I’ve got them back on the blog for you all to meet them properly!! Please may I introduce one of my favourite emerging fashion brands, BCollide, headed up by the talented Johnny Wang.

This time we caught up in his studio in Soho with a glass of wine to talk about how he’s developing his brand and what is coming next..

BCollide is still very young, how are you building your brand at the moment?

We’ve been very fortunate and grateful for all the support given by CFE, BFC, SANE Communications, and Touba London, which guided us building the brand from scratch with a well informed background knowledge. In the studio, we work extremely hard on designs and product development. Outside the studio, our wonderful PR and sales are working their magic to help grow brand exposure and stockists. However, we are at the moment an intimate team, and believe in building the brand one step at a time so we can grow together with our audience and ensure creating worthwhile designs for them.

What's you're brand ethos?

Actually you (Style StreetStalker) are a really good example of what BCollide represents. A young professional living and working in a city like London needs good design that helps generate interesting conversations and doesn’t interrupt her daily routine at the same time. All of our ideas are executed with our customer in mind. The product needs to be beautifully constructed and finished, easily cared for, and effortlessly incorporated into any existing wardrobes.

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Stalked: Megan Clinch, Emerging Lingerie Designer

20 July 2015

Lingerie is one of those items which I always find I can justify spending the money on and I’ve always been slightly obsessed with this particular (under) garment. I remember my first internship was with the well known luxury lingerie shop Myla and there was something I enjoyed about organising their huge press samples cupboard full of sexy negligée and crotch-less panties!!

So for a while I’ve been on the search for an emerging lingerie designer to get on the blog, finally I found her at Graduate Fashion Week, please may I introduce, Megan Clinch...

Why did you decide to specialise in lingerie design? 

I never even considered doing lingerie before university, I knew I wanted to work in fashion but had no idea what I wanted to specialise in. It wasn't until we started learning about lingerie/swimwear in second year which led me to decide that is what I wanted to do! I chose to create swimwear in my second year and then moved into lingerie for the third and fourth years after interning at a lingerie company in my placement year. I've really loved it ever since I started it in second year, and am definitely glad I've chosen this path.

Back To Basic Stalking: Shoreditch

15 July 2015

Anyone who is starting out in the world of street style I strongly recommend Shoreditch in London as a good place to start. It's easy pickings for stylish individuals as well as having awesome unique boutiques and shops to visit in between shopping. 

I stalked this lovely lady on these stylish streets over the weekend, I loved her simplistic styling and beautiful laser cut silk pencil skirt, as well as that killer this seasons must have, the backpack! 

Stalked: Natalie Bell, Graduate Fashion Designer

10 July 2015

This year I toddled along to London's Graduate Fashion Week and as you can imagine this event is hot pickings for a stalker like with a passion for emerging talent!! This is also where I met Natalie, a recent graduate with a final collection that I utterly adored. I caught up with her to find out how she came to designing and her final show...

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

In school I was talented at sewing and always pushed my self more in the production side of fashion ensuring things were sewn and fitted correctly, playing around with pattern cutting before I even knew how it worked. It wasn't until I went to university that I really moved into design, I wanted to choose a course that would nurture the need for precision in production as well as help in developing as a designer. After trawling through many universities I found Fashion Atelier, still a very young course I was originally sceptical that such a course could provide the teaching that the university's website promised. Yet It really did, two of the most influential tutors being Alan Norris a retired tailor from Hardy Amies and Eva Blonska a retired couturier from Hardy Amies, the knowledge they have to share is incredible and were always on hand to ensure that even the most difficult to construct designs were made possible. Being taught such classic forms of tailoring, enhanced my ability to design in ways that were classic and yet still clever and fresh. 

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