Wishlist Wonders: Charlie Morris, Eyewear Designer.

11 December 2014

The second of my wishlist wonders is Charlie Morris, one of the founders and designer behind Taylor Morris Eyewear. I interviewed Charlie and Hugo earlier in the summer see what makes them tick and what they get up to in the city here.

Dear Santa, Charlie would like the following ......

The perfect pair of kicks, Nike Air Max 90 ID's please.. (here)

This neon Ralph Laruen jumper is dreamy, at £1,125 it bloody well should be!!! Here.

A Purdey shotgun, I mean who wouldn't want a Purdey for Christmas. Here

A fully bespoke Huntsman suit from Savile Row. One will last you a life time! Here

And Pinky Laing ­ military jacket! For some summer fun.. Here



I adore all your comments!

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