Campaign Stalking: Jigsaw

14 October 2014

Hats off to the bridge level brand, what a campaign! 

If you are a Londoner then you may have noticed these all around the tubes and billboards - the brand hit it in a big way with broadcasting it's new image, less is more!

The concept: 
“One minute fashion tells us to wear this, the next to wear that. If we followed every fad and trend, we'd get lost in the tangle. This campaign is about straightening things out. It's about Style & Truth. Fashion may say 'wear green' but if red is your colour, wear red. Yes, Polka dots may be in, but if you like that check coat, buy it.
The concept came about because of the dynamic between the voice of fashion, and these confident, empowered women who had listened to their own voice instead, and wore what they wanted to wear. It created a simple, striking set of images that both showcased the clothes, and an attitude.”
Tom Ewart, Chief Creative Officer at The Corner

The Styling: 
“The AW14 concept was really easy to work with. I picked stand-out pieces from the collection which helped to easily translate the message.
The herringbone suit was perfect for tailoring, conveying the message of androgyny in a cool way. Everybody loves the red dress so that was a no brainer. Jigsaw always does amazing coats so the hardest job I had was picking which ones to use!”

Sara Wilson, Jigsaw Stylist

The Photographer: 
 “We wanted to photograph relaxed, confident women, in outfits that are simply stylish. Are they of the moment? The “it” garment of the season? You decide.
Our photographer Annelise had a unique ability to capture a moment on film. No gimmicks, limited make-up and styling; the sense of everyday life. Her use of light is exceptional.
Product wise I love the plaid jumper and coat. Jigsaw has used check for over 40 years, dating back to when it was very much only used within Menswear. I also love the cream coat.”
Peter Ruis, Jigsaw CEO

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