The Art Of The Ancient Selfie

22 August 2014

You may remember I wrote a post earlier in the year on our obsession with selfies, well it’s just got a whole load funnier!!! It began, as so many monumental internet trends have, on Reddit. A user visited Ireland’s Crawford Art Gallery, where he cleverly manipulated his camera-phone around Greco-Roman statues, many of which just happen to have their arms outstretched in an uncanny gesture of selfie-taking, to look like they are participating in the social media craze. 

Following the original post, other Redditors joined in with their versions. Soon, statueselfies, was born. 

There is currently a call to action for someone to take one of the Venus de Milo. It looks like this more creative riff on the #MuseumSelfie has taken off. 

Images and original article: Artnet 

The idea may be simply brilliant but remember DON'T TOUCH THE ART!!!!




  1. very visually arresting and fun article dear!! me super enjoyed reading it ♥ ♥

    New post on the blog gorgeous!

  2. Great post. Very funny. xoxo


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