Stalked: Julie and Lindsey. Rock 'n' Roll Band, Deap Vally

1 August 2014

In my opinion there's nothing cooler than an all female rock band, especially when there are only two in the band, Lindsey Troy on vocals/guitar and Julie Edwards on drums! Drum roll... please may I introduce Californian band, Deap Vally, who rocked the main stage at Secret Garden Party this year. 
Although the band is less than 5 years old, Lindsey and Julie have taken the industry by storm, stirring up a multitude of excitable responses, from the musical press – "a hippie Karen O fronting Black Sabbath" – to the cinematic – "the house-band for some yet-to-be-scripted Tarantino movie where the two Californian gals sweat out the spirit of rock'n'roll in short, gin-soaked bursts while fists fly and blood stains the floorboards."

After their set I caught up with the girls just before they jumped on their tour bus for their next gig in Sheffield. This no doubtably has to have been one of my favourite interviews so far.... 

What is it about your jobs you love?

Seeing the world, playing rock and roll, meeting our idols!

Which band, alive or dead, would you most like to play alongside?

Led Zeppelin 

Who are your musical influences?

Robert Johnson, Elliott Smith, John Lennon, Black Sabbath, Babes in Toyland

How would you both describe your personal styles?

Julie: Not too fussy, but still very 'in charge', glamorous, and sexy.

Lindsey: Tough, clashy, overt, comfy and sassy.

Favourite fashion brands?

Motel, Kittinhawk, Michelle Rose, Balmain, and vintage/thrift of course!

Five items you can't live without?

Julie: Sunglasses, echinacea, a good autobiography, my husband, wet wipes. 

Lindsey: Hand cream, espresso, my guitar, knitting needles, a juicy book.



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