Stalked: Emma Hart, Creative Director, PUSH PR Agency

18 August 2014

A career in Fashion PR is one of the most sort after and is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Competition for jobs is fierce and you need plenty of enthusiasm and confidence if you want to successfully sell a client's product to journalists or pitch for new business. Most of all, you need 101% dedication; this is exactly how the founder and director of Push PR succeeded in creating her very cool agency situated in Exmouth Market.

I caught up with Emma over a glass of prosecco and picked her brains on how she achieved what she has and tips for all you aspiring PRs!

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I am the founder and creative director of Push PR; a luxury fashion, lifestyle, beauty and health & fitness creative communications agency. I love my job as it's insanely busy, very creative and a huge challenge on a daily basis. I am surrounded by energetic, creative and inspiring people who have the most incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive. My real passion is seeing growth in business and nurturing talent - I get to do this on a daily basis; what's not to love??

Why did you decide to start the agency and how did your previous careers influence your decisions with the agency?

It wasn't really a conscious decision. I am naturally a risk taker and I was working at a large fashion pr company. It was brilliant and I definitely cut my teeth there. Having said that I felt there was something else out there and I am fiercely independent so I took the plunge to go it alone. Within a few months of freelance I secured a project with a very large and well known international luxury fashion house - this propelled the business and the rest was history. The clients kept coming and the success of Push PR was born. My background before PR was as a fashion journalist and stylist so I channelled the frustrations I had experienced as a journalist dealing with PR's and vowed to be a PR who could cut through the 'white noise' and get the job done.  Having the experience as a journalist has been invaluable and remained at the backbone of our approach as an agency.

In your opinion who are the new designers to watch at the moment? 

Jewellery; I love statement pieces. A new designer who has come onto my radar by my client is Volha jewellery. Stunning, architectural and colourful the pieces can totally change and ultimately complete what you are wearing.  In terms of fashion Xiao Li is a designer who I find exciting, engaging and will be interested to see where she takes her collections. Previous work has a strong signature which incorporates volume, texture and chic silhouettes. It's exciting enough to be high fashion and feminine enough to make it covetable.

What advice would you give to an aspiring PR girl?

Work hard. Be nice to people. Use common sense.

Who has been your biggest inspiration so far in your career? 

It's very hard not to go down the cliché route here. I have to say that there are so many inspirations and it's hard to choose. Really though, I think so much comes down to my mum. My mum has always worked, worked very very hard in fact. Long hours and in an industry far more emotional challenging as a psychiatric nurse.  The crux is that she has been a role model of a working mother. Juggling everything and having time for everyone. I too am a working mother and as such know that it is a challenge but believe that positive female role models are key. I am passionate about business so any successful businesswoman I see is a huge inspiration too.

3 tips for starting up your own PR agency?

Strategy is key. Look at your competitors but don't become obsessed and do not try to replicate what they do. Stand out, identify your USP and trust you gut - always.

Where do you shop and where do you eat in London?

Fashion is my career and I love it but for pleasure away from that I love art, culture and design - the shops at The Barbican, The V&A and the Design Museum are hugely underrated as people often cant see past the tourists, if you scratch the surface they have some amazing things.  There's some great shops where I live in Stoke Newington; Search & Rescue for anything from Vintage Pirelli posters to gold Pineapple ice buckets (currently on my wish list) to a great independent womenswear shop called HUB. My all time favourite place to eat is Bistroteque - I've been going for years and I love it. Everything about it I really enjoy; the interiors, the vibe, the people and of course the food; it's easy without compromise. Yes it's cool and always has been but it's not the 'hot new place' - I don't like hype. I've just discovered Prawn on the Lawn too in Highbury which is incredible. If you love seafood there is no better place in London. It's run by a really hard-working couple who really do put their heart and soul into it to make it work.

What are you wearing? 

Top; Roksanda Ilincic, Skirt Mango, shoes Robert Clergerie, cuffs Alice Menter

Five items you can't live without?

Homoeopathy, concealer, My headphones (huge music fan), my gold bracelets given to me by my children for mother's day - I wear them every day, my Smythson diary



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  10. I love reading inspiring posts like this one. Successful women in business have such great insight, I find them intriguing and it motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing and as Emma advises, follow my gut.

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