Stalked: Dave, Manager Of Sunday Somewhere Eyewear

25 August 2014

Oh dear, it's finally sinking in that we're approaching the end of those hot summer nights and lazy days in the sun. To celebrate what a fabulous summer it's been, my last 'summer sunnies' interview is with the lovely Dave from Sunday Somewhere. An Australian eyewear brand with a simple philosophy - to create glasses that are all beautifully crafted, with classic and modern frames. With a make-up-your-own-mind attitude, the brand relies on inspired imagery to assist with the vision both it and its customers relate to.

I caught up with Dave (one of the two Daves that run the brand) while he was briefly visiting London. 

What do you do and what's the coolest aspect of your job?

I'm the General Manager of Sunday Somewhere and would have to say that my job is my life, travelling and meeting amazing people. The best part about this is you are constantly developing as a person and no new day is ever the same.

Why did you guys decide to start an eyewear brand and what's the story behind the name? 

Well, the other Dave (Dave Allison, Founder/Creative Director) has been designing accessories for over 15 years and really appreciates the skill and craft behind eyewear. This came from years of travel and experiences. 

Sunday Somewhere is all about this. “Sunday” being our favourite day of the week and “Somewhere” being anywhere in the world.  

There are beautiful places and beautiful people everywhere you go and we just happen to create beautiful eyewear that connects a face to a place. 

What has influenced your approach to the brand? 

Going on from the above, it really is about the places we visit and the people we meet. As Dave is such an incredible designer, across our whole collection of Eyewear, Leather Goods and Headwear. Product enables us to connect with people on so many different levels. The most important being the feeling it can impart on someone. 

I am very much about working with people that believe in what we do and will join the ride. This always helps on the types of decision you can make day to day for the life of the brand. 

 What is the style of the city you live in? 

Sydney, is very relaxed but active when you want it to be, and always sunshine. Culture is very segmented, so it helps to be a bit of a chameleon (it's always funner that way).

How would you define your personal style? 

Very simple/clean (sounds boring). Nothing a pair of good sunglasses can’t fix! 

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(Last three images, Sunday Somewhere Campaign)



  1. Those sunglasses are really beautiful :)

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