Stalked: Abi and Chris, Vocals and Electronics, Bat and Ball.

11 August 2014

Bat and Ball is a brother-sister duo from Devon. Their indie electronic style shook the grounds of the Secret Garden Party this year, with stunning vocals/guitar from Abi Sinclair and on electronics, Chris Sinclair.

I caught up with them after their set to see what's next in store for this exciting duo.

What is it about the band you love

Being able to create and perform with your friends. Being able to travel and have adventures. Over the summer we have played a few festivals and spent a lot of time writing and in the studio. Secret Garden Party was a great experience; we got sun burn, lost our phones, hopped madly around on stage and then got up to all sorts of festival mischief! 

Why did you decide to form a band together? And what's the reason behind the name? 

When it was just Chris and me, our music only existed behind closed doors. We did some recording, just the two of us, but it was always our intention for the music to be live and come alive. That’s why we formed the band.

The name, Bat and Ball, suggests things that go together, but it has many other meanings as well. People can interpret it in different ways. We like words and names that play with your understanding of things.

Who are your musical influences?

People are often surprised that our musical influences are quite different to Bat and Ball’s sound. As a group of five our listening experience is quite broad and that certainly shapes our sound. But from a song writing perspective, Ryan Adams is someone I’m completely obsessed with. His country melodies and heart-breaking words are stunning; he gets away with so much. 

Best gig so far?

A favourite of ours was a show we played for the charity Rape Crisis. This was a special gig because it was in support of a cause we really believe in. 

How would you both describe your personal styles? 

Anything swapped, borrowed, found or stolen.

Five items you can't live without?

Permanent marker, lip balm, pack of cards, skate board and Mungo the cat.


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