Couple Stalking: Does Working With Your Significant Other Really Work?

29 August 2014

I've always wondered if going into business with your other half really works, or is it just a can of worms waiting to explode!!? 

I recently asked this very question to the gorgeous duo, Jesse Steven and Ainjali Fine, the guys behind the brand Finest Seven, who specialise in making divine eyewear out of seven of the finest materials (it's all in the name!).

What are your roles within Finest Seven?

Ainjali – 
I am the general manager in charge of the day to day running of the business.
This includes Sales, Styling, Colouring, Design direction.

Jesse – 
I look after the design and production components. There is heaps of overlap of course, but these are the main delineations.

What's the best and worst aspects about working together?

Ainjali – 
The worst is probably if one of you is having a bad day, it very easily affects the other person.  But the best part of working together is being able to do our own hours.  If it’s nice outside during the week, its great to take a few hours out and enjoy the sun (which is hugely important in London) and know that we can make up those hours in the evening or on the weekend.  Having that flexi time together is a real treat.

Jesse – 
What she said!!

 Best advice you could give couples who want to start up their own brand?

Ainjali – 
Make sure that you love each other unconditionally.  And also re-learn to be polite to each other.  I started off with a lot of “oi, come here and look at this!” which very quickly turned in to “ Excuse me Jesse, when you have a free moment, please can you look at this?”

Jesse – 
I think you have to have a good communicative relationship.  Excellent communication is the foundation of being able to work together in a positive way.  Loads of people thought we were crazy when we told them what we were going to do – but so far so good (As long as I keep buying Ainjali shoes).

Where do you both shop in London and where is best to eat?

Ainjali – 
I am definitely a mix and match girl.  Zara has some wicked AW14 designs currently in store – I know it's not black, but there is a light pink furry gilet that is off the charts amazing.  I am also currently obsessing with the French brand Maje. Their editorials make me want to buy everything.  I have banned myself from Liberty so many times, but if I am ‘browsing’ I am not actually shopping…I fool myself every single time.
In regards to food I tend to go back to food that I love over and over again – Viet Grill Vietnamese on Kingsland Road is always a winner, Turkish Tas Firin on Bethnal Green Road, Sushi in Soho and Yalla Yalla Lebanese Street food.

Jesse – 
There is a little menswear shop on Roman Road that I like to go to.  For denim jeans they have a great selection + I am supporting the local economy.  For shoes, you cannot beat ‘Sneaker Street’ in Hong Kong (I don’t know the real name) or a trusty pair of slip on Vans never fails.
For food I am happy to go where Ainj likes to eat, (she won’t admit it, but she is totally a picky eater).  That way I get to eat and be happy.  Happy wife = happy life.   I like saving up and going out to a really nice restaurant every now and again.  We recently visited Les Trois Garcons, which was a great experience.

How would you describe your personal styles?

Ainjali – 
I like to wear black, which is generally quite boring.  But if you choose different textures of black…it makes all the difference!  Although now and again I will throw in a bit of colour to surprise myself.

Jesse – 
I like to be comfortable, so I count myself very lucky that I don’t have to wear a suit to the office.  I wear jeans/tee/sneakers, or I jazz it up a bit with a shirt if I go to meetings.  Unlike Ainj, I am super high maintenance!!

Five items you can't live without? 

Ainjali - 

My prescription glasses enable me to see clearly (very important!)

Aēsop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream and also their Damascan Rose Facial Treatment

Passport – We love to travel, both for work and pleasure
Music – Friends laugh because I still buy CDs
He isn’t really an item, but our beast of a cat Ninja Star, to us he is the coolest dude in the world and we couldn’t live without him.

Jesse – 
Ainjali obvs (she is hovering near me as I write this)

Design inspiration = Diversity and change (This is why I love London)

Great food and wine
Being creative and making things with my hands
My fav pair of sunnies, although I am now over a ‘certain age’ where looking at menus brings on an acute attack of ‘long arm syndrome’ and lots of squinting.  Looking forward to my first pair of optical frames!



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