Couple Stalking: Does Working With Your Significant Other Really Work?

29 August 2014

I've always wondered if going into business with your other half really works, or is it just a can of worms waiting to explode!!? 

I recently asked this very question to the gorgeous duo, Jesse Steven and Ainjali Fine, the guys behind the brand Finest Seven, who specialise in making divine eyewear out of seven of the finest materials (it's all in the name!).

What are your roles within Finest Seven?

Ainjali – 
I am the general manager in charge of the day to day running of the business.
This includes Sales, Styling, Colouring, Design direction.

Jesse – 
I look after the design and production components. There is heaps of overlap of course, but these are the main delineations.

Stalked: Monika, Founder of Layana London

27 August 2014

I always go by the saying 'life is too short to wear boring jewellery'! 
In result, it's safe to say I have a lot of jewellery, but there are only a few pieces that I wear religiously everyday. One of them is my Great Frog snarling wolf head and the other is a ring by Dubini, who is one of my latest favourites and the reason I stumbled accross Layana London, the online destination for unique jewellery designers. After becoming rather obsessed with wanting to buy everything on the site, I thought it was about time I stalked the person behind scouting out all these incredible jewellery brands. 

 So here we are... 

What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I am the founder of Layana London, an online jewellery specialist. The aspiration for the company is to offer jewellery that is both distinctive and beautiful and to present it in a simple and uncluttered surrounding.
The amazing thing about Layana London is that I get to work with fantastically creative people, some of whom will be deservedly famous, and provide our customers with pieces that are unique and beautiful. It is a great feeling to see the customers putting the pictures of their new pieces on their social media or writing back with thanks. Plus I get to wear a lot of jewellery for work – what’s not to like?

Stalked: Dave, Manager Of Sunday Somewhere Eyewear

25 August 2014

Oh dear, it's finally sinking in that we're approaching the end of those hot summer nights and lazy days in the sun. To celebrate what a fabulous summer it's been, my last 'summer sunnies' interview is with the lovely Dave from Sunday Somewhere. An Australian eyewear brand with a simple philosophy - to create glasses that are all beautifully crafted, with classic and modern frames. With a make-up-your-own-mind attitude, the brand relies on inspired imagery to assist with the vision both it and its customers relate to.

I caught up with Dave (one of the two Daves that run the brand) while he was briefly visiting London. 

What do you do and what's the coolest aspect of your job?

I'm the General Manager of Sunday Somewhere and would have to say that my job is my life, travelling and meeting amazing people. The best part about this is you are constantly developing as a person and no new day is ever the same.

The Art Of The Ancient Selfie

22 August 2014

You may remember I wrote a post earlier in the year on our obsession with selfies, well it’s just got a whole load funnier!!! It began, as so many monumental internet trends have, on Reddit. A user visited Ireland’s Crawford Art Gallery, where he cleverly manipulated his camera-phone around Greco-Roman statues, many of which just happen to have their arms outstretched in an uncanny gesture of selfie-taking, to look like they are participating in the social media craze. 

Back to basic stalking: Ripped Jeans

20 August 2014

There’s something sexy about ripped jeans, especially when someone can carry it off the right way. I stalked this chick near Bond Street, looking outrageously cool in her beanie smoking a cigarette!!

The history of ripped jeans dates back to the bands of the 1960s and 70s, like The Ramones, who were the first celebrities to wear them. While this caught on as a fad, it didn't make its way to the fashion runways. Instead, it became popular with the whole cliche of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, which was the motto of the 70s child.

Stalked: Emma Hart, Creative Director, PUSH PR Agency

18 August 2014

A career in Fashion PR is one of the most sort after and is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Competition for jobs is fierce and you need plenty of enthusiasm and confidence if you want to successfully sell a client's product to journalists or pitch for new business. Most of all, you need 101% dedication; this is exactly how the founder and director of Push PR succeeded in creating her very cool agency situated in Exmouth Market.

I caught up with Emma over a glass of prosecco and picked her brains on how she achieved what she has and tips for all you aspiring PRs!

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I am the founder and creative director of Push PR; a luxury fashion, lifestyle, beauty and health & fitness creative communications agency. I love my job as it's insanely busy, very creative and a huge challenge on a daily basis. I am surrounded by energetic, creative and inspiring people who have the most incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive. My real passion is seeing growth in business and nurturing talent - I get to do this on a daily basis; what's not to love??

Stalked: Tiril Hasselknippe, Artist.

13 August 2014

Please may I introduce one of the most exciting artists of the moment. Not only is she absolutely stunning, she also loves one of natures most adrenaline inducing sports, surfing. 
Tiril Hasselknippe, a Norwegian born visual artist whom by the age of 30 already has museum shows under her belt, as well as having collectors scrambling over each other to snap up one of her divine resin surfboards. I now have to admit I've joined the back of the queue for one of these bad boys. Being a surfer in my early years of adolescence her work jumped out at me like no other. I interviewed her at her last show in London, at the opening of Evelyn Yard. By the end of the interview all that was left to discuss was the surfing trip to Wales!

What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I'm a visual artist and a writer. Art is the free space where you can kick and whisper at the same time. It is also like a screen where you can look directly at the sun without going blind. 

Stalked: Abi and Chris, Vocals and Electronics, Bat and Ball.

11 August 2014

Bat and Ball is a brother-sister duo from Devon. Their indie electronic style shook the grounds of the Secret Garden Party this year, with stunning vocals/guitar from Abi Sinclair and on electronics, Chris Sinclair.

I caught up with them after their set to see what's next in store for this exciting duo.

What is it about the band you love

Being able to create and perform with your friends. Being able to travel and have adventures. Over the summer we have played a few festivals and spent a lot of time writing and in the studio. Secret Garden Party was a great experience; we got sun burn, lost our phones, hopped madly around on stage and then got up to all sorts of festival mischief! 

Back To Basic Stalking: Irina, On Carnaby Street, London.

9 August 2014

I stalked this very gorgeous lady on Carnaby Street as I was rushing to an event at Christies, she was a must-stalk, so of course the event had to wait!! I loved her girlie look with the playful fluffy sweater and short short shorts, the shoes add a pop of colour to finish this look off to a tee!!

Irina was visiting London from Russia and so sweetly couldn't believe she was being 'stalked' !!

Stalked: Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris. Founders, Taylor Morris Eyewear

4 August 2014

You may recognise Hugo Taylor from the hit TV series Made In Chelsea, but you may not know that his true passion lies in designing sunglasses, a passion shared with his close friend and business partner, Charlie Morris.

British born designers, Hugo and Charlie started their luxury eyewear brand in 2013, infusing classic British elegance with Hollywood glamour. The collection draws on inspirations from style icons such as James Dean and Steve McQueen, by incorporating vintages touches to the frames and lenses. If there was ever a brand to watch, this is it!

I caught up with the boys for a coffee on one of London’s most adorable streets; Motcomb Street, in the heart of Belgravia.

What's Taylor Morris all about and why do you love doing what you do?

Taylor Morris Eyewear is everything to us. In a nutshell we make Luxury British Eyewear but with a realistic price tag. To us luxury is not a cost, its a state of mind. We have our hearts set on making beautiful glasses, which our customers will be proud to wear. Charlie; “Taylor Morris is a reflection of Hugo and I, it’s our passion to have something of our own, we just love making eyewear.”

Stalked: Julie and Lindsey. Rock 'n' Roll Band, Deap Vally

1 August 2014

In my opinion there's nothing cooler than an all female rock band, especially when there are only two in the band, Lindsey Troy on vocals/guitar and Julie Edwards on drums! Drum roll... please may I introduce Californian band, Deap Vally, who rocked the main stage at Secret Garden Party this year. 
Although the band is less than 5 years old, Lindsey and Julie have taken the industry by storm, stirring up a multitude of excitable responses, from the musical press – "a hippie Karen O fronting Black Sabbath" – to the cinematic – "the house-band for some yet-to-be-scripted Tarantino movie where the two Californian gals sweat out the spirit of rock'n'roll in short, gin-soaked bursts while fists fly and blood stains the floorboards."

After their set I caught up with the girls just before they jumped on their tour bus for their next gig in Sheffield. This no doubtably has to have been one of my favourite interviews so far.... 

What is it about your jobs you love?

Seeing the world, playing rock and roll, meeting our idols!

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