Sun, Sea And Finest Seven

17 July 2014

Apologies to all my darling followers for lack of Style StreetStalker chat over the various social channels last week, but I do have a good excuse... holiday time!!!

For this trip, I travelled to the Italian coast of the Cinque Terra, I slightly went crazy in the shops before and somehow spent my monthly pay-cheque in 14 days, big oops, but on the upside I got some sexy items!!!

For this little trip on the boat, I was wearing my favourite new sunnies and swimming cosy.

Sunnies, are from Finest Seven, a very cool brand that specialises in luxury eyewear. Headed up by Jesse Stevens, with a career history which includes designing for major luxury sunglasses brands such as Prada, Oliver Goldsmith and Cutler and Gross – amongst others, New Zealand born designer has a highly specialised understanding of eyewear and a dedication to the aesthetics and quality of the products he creates. From a background in ‘making’ Jesse has developed a design process sensitive to material and production.  Of his design experience, Jesse says: “My sculptural training has given me a strong sense of the aesthetic; the ability to bring to the forward my creative visions, toned and shaped by the rigor of the manufacturing process”

I've always been obsessed with this type of swimwear for a while, it looks cool and it means you don't have to work out every second of the day before holiday!

The beautiful streets of Monterosso!!

I'm wearing; Swimwear, Wildfox. Sunnies; Finest Seven. Shorts; Levi Vintage. Bracelet; Colette



  1. what a great swimming suit!

  2. Super cool outfit love those sunglasses!! Where can I buy them?

  3. I hope you´re enjoying your holidays :D
    thanks for your comment

  4. In the first photo I didn't even realize you were wearing swimsuit- they're super cool! :) xx Maja

  5. Hi ,very nice photos.
    I love the atomsphere and the colors
    Thanks for visiting my blog and coment.


  6. Nice photos, great swimsuit. Happy holiday. xoxoxo

  7. Amazing photos! Such a beautiful place too! Loving your smimwsuit! :)


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