Stalked: Rita, Founder and Designer. Sun Sea And Honey

7 July 2014


At last the summer has properly arrived and it's the perfect excuse to chuck out any slightly jaded swimwear in favour of a sparkling new little number. I've been rather obsessed with this said swimwear hunt prior to my holiday next week and stumbled across this very cool brand Sun, Sea & Honey. I caught up with the founder and designer of the brand to quiz her about her holiday essentials.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I'm a fashion designer and founder of the swimwear line: Sun Sand & Honey. I'm in love with my job because I'm doing something that I've always wanted to do but, for many years, other things and a different career got on the way. I absolutely love the creative side of being a designer because it's a 24/7 job. You're always thinking about new ideas, and looking for inspirations. Your mind never rests.

How did you get into fashion, and what effect did your schooling/education
have on your career?

I was a journalist for 15 years in Lisbon. Started in a newspaper then went to a  fashion magazine, after that moved to a newsmagazine to write about social scene and in the last five years I've worked as a free lance journalist writing mainly about economy. Then when I turned 40, I decided to change. Moved to London, applied to the London College of Fashion and did two short courses: swimwear design; introduction to fashion design. It felt so natural to me that I decided to create a collection that reflected exactly what I wanted to wear and  had been looking for years and couldn't find anywhere: swimwear that is sexy, classy, great quality and timeless. But most important - super flattering.

How would you define your personal style?

I'm classic but I like a bit of a twist. I love pieces that last forever in your closet like this Isabel Marant smoking jacket that I've had for years. But I wasn't always like this. I used to be a compulsive buyer. I guess with time you realise what really suits you, and what is a great trend...for other people to wear.

Would you say your personal style influences your designs?

I would never create a bright green bikini because I would never wear bright green anyway. And I've definitely created a collection that I would love to have in my closet.

Where do you shop in London and where do you eat?

I live in Belgravia, that is a beautiful and charming neighbourhood.  I go to the Good Life Eatery in Sloane avenue almost every day to get my super green raw juices. They make great salads too and amazing gluten free desserts. Love the people watching outside Colbert in Sloane Square. For dinner, I've been going to Yauatcha in Soho for years, because they make the best Dim Sum. I also enjoy Chotto Matte, in Soho, for some Nikkei food. always online, I'm afraid. net-a-porter;; are
some of my favourite.a

Favourite place in the sun and best beach? Where are you going  holiday this year?

Every year in August I meet up with my mother in St Tropez for 10 days. This year, I'll also be going to Ibiza and back to Portugal for some days.
One of my favourite places in the world is Comporta, a stunning beach on the coast in Portugal ( an hour from Lisbon). I love it so much for being one of the last truly wild places in Europe. An hidden paradise.

Five holiday items you can't live without?

Lots of bikinis, a silk Etro kaftan I've had for ten years, my phone,
Terracota Guerlain bronzing powder, great pair of sunglasses.



  1. she is lovely, I like her style a lot- classic with a twist. ahh I wish I can have a bunch of bikinis for my closet, alas that is not possible living in Canada haha


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