Secret Garden Party Stalking

28 July 2014

Another year past and another epic weekend at The Secret Garden Party! This year the sun shone all weekend lighting up every feather and glitter sparkle across the fields near Huntingdon, the home of the best party in the land. 
Here is the Style StreetStalker's guide to SGP...

1. Pack a bikini - the lake may be veeery brown but after a whole afternoon dancing to Clean Bandit and the Correspondents, a little refreshing dip is just what the doctor ordered!

2. Wear anything and everything you ever wanted to, because no one will judge you! (Unlike those in a service station on the way back to London. Note to self; change out of neon cat suit!)

3. You can never wear too much glitter!

4. Grab your sunglasses - I'm obsessed with the company Festival Specs, in which you will get a pack of 6 different coloured lenses to choose from. One for each outfit!! Get yours here.

5. Be prepared to dance all day and night long! This is one of the few festivals that has a 6am licence, so remember those dancing shoes! 

 6. Choose your colour and if you can't face permanent hair dye then go for the good old colour spray, especially if it has glitter in it!!! 

7. Bring your hoola hoop!!

8. Go and chill in a magical forest at 'Where The Wild Things Are' and listen to indie bands. Then go a little further into the forest to discover the Stag and Fox headed dancers!

9. Listen to the rumours!! 
Secret parties and adventures pop up the whole time, this year there was a hidden sunflower field via a portaloo and an ice rink / igloo dance tent through a huge wooden wardrobe!! 

10. You think you've seen good have no idea until you've been mind-blown by the SGP ones!!! 

Did I mention..... THIS IS A SERIOUS PARTY !

Tickets sell out very quickly so get booking....2015 party on sale now at



  1. Love these pictures, there are really inspirational :)
    X Willemijn Sofie

    Amsterdam So Fashion

  2. Gorgeous pictures looks so much fun. Am looking at going next year will you be there?

    1. Oooof course!! Tickets are already selling out amazingly so i think next year will be even better!!!


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