STALKED: Sam Harrison, Restaurant Owner of Harrison's and Sam's Brasserie

12 May 2014

There are 2 reasons why food and fashion were separated at birth, numbero 1 they both start with the same letter, numbero 2 they are both as fabulous as each other. This is the exact reason I love interviewing food experts as much as I do fashion, therefore, let me introduce the awesome owner of Sam's Brasserie in Chiswick and Harrisons in Balham, Sam Harrison. All I can say.. best eggs in town! I met Sam a while ago at a foodie event at Number 10, which an old friend and talented blogger The Londoner and I popped along to. See what we got up to here.

What do you do and what's the biggest kick you get doing your job? 

I own and run Sam's Brasserie & Bar in Chiswick and Harrison's in Balham. I love working with a great team and striving every day to deliver the best possible levels of customer service and food every day. Restaurants is a bit like theatre……..we do 2 performances daily! Well in fact we do 3 as we are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

What's the 'must try' dish to have at each of your restaurants? 

I have many favourite dishes but I am a big brunch fan and so our scrambled eggs with chorizo and cherry tomatoes at Sam's would be right up there. At Harrison's I find it very hard not to go with the salt and pepper squid.

You're partnered with Rick Stein, how did you get into business with him? 

When I was younger I was General Manager for Rick down in Padstow, which was the most amazing experience work wise and also meant I got to live in Cornwall for 4 years! In 2005 when I decided to open my own restaurant, Rick very kindly decided that he wanted to be involved as an investor and then again when we opened Harrison's in 2007.

Now fashion.. how would you describe you personal style? 

I would like to think smart casual………….but my team my say smart scruffy! I like to think at least professional at all times.

Your favourite place to shop for clothes and best place for food ?! 

In the restaurant game you get through a lot of trousers and shirts, through simple wear and tear and so have to say hard to beat Gap for day to day wear! I recently had a beautiful suit made by Adam Waite for when I want to look a little smarter. My favourite restaurant in London is J Sheekeys and I love sitting at the bar. I also love the burgers at Bar Boulud and pizza at Franco Manca.

Five items you can't live without? 

I am rather addicted to my iPhone- sad but true. Coffee in the morning to wake me up. My juicer to keep my fairly healthy and counter balance my love for food and drink. My moped for getting around London. My trainers for keeping my feet alive when running around the restaurants.



  1. Those eggs look fantastic!

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  3. stellar person to interview! x


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