STALKED: Ania, Founder of Whistle & Bango

27 April 2014

I think we're all a little guilty of participating in some way in the big London postcode war! If you live North, the thought of moving South sends shivers down your spin, if you live East going West is super un-cool, and so on!! So when I stumbled over this brand I simply had to track down one of the founders to find out more about her witty idea to design postcode bangles, for the likes of us who are very proud of where we live!

What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I can proudly say, that I am Co-founder of the luxury Jewellery brand Whistle & Bango along with my colleagues Rosie and Ashley. Shamelessly, the best part for me personally is seeing something go from a casual mention; supported by a lot of optimism, into a tangible vision and brand.

Why did you decide to focus on postcodes?  

'Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.' London in this case, is the love. I’m glad that many people feel the same way and share our passion, allowing our brand to grow in an instinctive way. We have a ‘vote for your own postcode’ page, on which Londoners can choose which postcode will come out next.  It’s a conversation.

How would you describe your style?  

My personal style could potentially be described as classic. I would definitely go for quality items over quantity.

Which is you favourite postcode to shop in and why? 

This changes all the time as it depends what mood I am in as to which postcode I would like to spend time in. The most recent postcode I shopped in was SW3.

 What is your fav postcode for eating in? 

This would have to be W1, purely because of the variety and the atmosphere going on here.

Five items you can't live without? 

Not counting The SW11 Whistle & Bango bangle; -  Shockingly: iPhone is number one. Laptop. Photoshop. All saints black skinny jeans. Mulberry black boho handbag which I am wearing in the photo.

When you buy a Whistle & Bango bangle, a percentage of the sale will go to Mother of Peace UK, who work passionately to create communities for the orphans of Zimbabwe.



  1. Such a cool idea, i have to get one! mine would be have to be W8, do they do that one?!

    May x

  2. Lovely look, and cool bangles

  3. Hi May May, we don't currently have an W8, but it is certainly in the pipeline. Please could you vote for it on our poll here, to increase the chances of seeing it in the shop:
    So happy you like them.
    Whistle and Bango x

  4. Hi May May, thanks so much we're pleased you like the bangles. There is no W8 currently, but it is definitely in the pipeline, it is a fabulous area of London. To increase the chances of it becoming available, please vote for it on our online poll here:
    Love, Whistle & Bango x


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