STALKED: Panda Parker, Fashion Designer.

17 March 2014

Panda Parker - if you haven't heard of this little lady already or seen her face pop up in picture tweets by the legendary photographer, Rankin, then you are in for a treat! Please may I introduce soon to be the hottest fashion kitten on the block - PANDA!

 What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I am the creator of a bright, theatrical luxury womenswear label PANDA PARKER. What I love the most about my job must be having free reign of my brain- designing without restrictions. I dream up unique and memorable garments that are also highly wearable. 

Where do your inspirations come from for your designs? 

I always work 2D with pen on paper. When drawing, the smallest idea can sparks off one hundred more and it's hard to put the pen down.  Ideas can arise from the most obscure objects, shapes or shadows. I can be inspired by serious topical issues or something ridiculously absurd. 

What's your latest collection all about? And what's next for Panda P?!

AW14 'The Slump' is all about the humble caterpillar. After discovering the naughty blighters nibbling at my courgettes I became rather obsessed with them. These inspired my hand illustrated printed shirts, bright stripes, undulating hemlines and moveable design features.  Now it's about confirming Autumn/Winter 14 stockists for 'The Slump' and cracking on with the new. Yeehaaaa!

How would you describe your personal style?

Elaborate and futuristic with a healthy dose of humour and, if I'm out, I'm always in pom-poms! I prowl London looking for loud prints, plaids and bright block coloured fabrics- if I spot something cool I'll grab it and decide on the cut later. 

Where do you shop? 

It would be a sin to shop when I can do it myself, wouldn't it?! Shoes are my thing. I like to order from Japan because they're shiny, strange and custom made  

Who is your favourite designer? 

Uh oh, I'm in a panda bubble!!!

Five items you can't live without? 

The studio mouse
Ruby woo
Pen and sketchbook

My overlocker 

Panda's wearing: all her own creations, including the bag!



  1. Loving the hair style

  2. great outfit!


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