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19 March 2014

I realise this sounds utterly crazy that a so called 'blogger' has just got addicted to instagram, but it's true... I confess, I'm an InstaAddict! The only way to cleanse my addiction is to empty my instabank, so here's a little recap of the stalkers daily diary!

An Instabrag of my latest shopping purchases - H&M Hat!

Guess the name of the pub in which they served me this cappuccino .....
The Falcon!

Ok so I have to explain the below... I was waiting this morning to cross the road and looked down to see the most divine style moment... snapped...In the bag!!! I love the way she perfectly matched her coat, same material and colour! Perfection!

Oh no it's a selfie.... me showing off my gorgeous Corlette's 

Ahhh memories of fashion week!

Now here's a little peep at one of my store crushes at the moment - the awesome Hunter Gatherer, men's only but soon bringing some clobber in for us chicks!

The Stalker wearing her stalking hat!!! I am currently obsessed with this hat brand, Pachacuti - well worth a stalk!

The below I found in a cool little interiors shop in the middle of the country... soo cool right.. and rather scary!

If you're not already stalking me.... go on I dare you.. right here!



  1. los zapatos de la primera foto me parecen preciosos

  2. Such cool photos, I love those chanel shoes!


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