Powerful Pastels

27 March 2014

Anyone else totally obsessed with pastels at the moment?  
So apart from every fashion trend screaming about this right now, it is rather lovely to see all the ladies donning their pale pinks and bringing out their inner girlie girl!!
I stalked the lovely Hannah from A Fashion Fix and her friends, flying the pastel flag high and very well! I interviewed Hannah a while back.. for a nosey into her style check out her interview here

STALKED: Awsa, Singer & Songwriter

25 March 2014

I discovered Awsa recently on Instagram of all place (that's the power of social media kiddies)! her incredible cool urban style caught my eye and then that voice well and truly entranced me from then on!! Awsa, is a singer and songwriter, stalk her latest stuff here. Over cocktails at Meat Liquor I picked her brains on her music and style....

What do you do and why do you love your job?
I am a singer, songwriter and a backing vocalist.
Variety, demanding and fun. It is also what I have always wanted to do and get better at. Plus I get to wear whatever I want to whenever I want to because I am an “artist”. Right?

STALKED: Kelly, aka The London Chatter, Blogger

21 March 2014

For a while I have been meaning to start my 'StalkerRoll' or blogroll as it's known in the normal blogging world, therefore, over the next month I will delving deep into the style worlds of some of my favourites. Starting with one very gorgeous and talented little lady - Kelly Eastwood, who is the voice behind the popular blog, The London Chatter. She is not only a style queen, but also has an extraordinarily unique blogging voice, you'll know what I mean when you start following her blog - one word.. addictive!

What do you do and what do you love about your job?

I write 'The London Chatter,' a lifestyle and fashion blog.  I love that no one day is ever the same for me and I am consistently meeting wonderfully colourful, creative and passionate people.  I can also frequently work in my pyjamas - what's not to love?! 

Instant Stalking!

19 March 2014

I realise this sounds utterly crazy that a so called 'blogger' has just got addicted to instagram, but it's true... I confess, I'm an InstaAddict! The only way to cleanse my addiction is to empty my instabank, so here's a little recap of the stalkers daily diary!

STALKED: Panda Parker, Fashion Designer.

17 March 2014

Panda Parker - if you haven't heard of this little lady already or seen her face pop up in picture tweets by the legendary photographer, Rankin, then you are in for a treat! Please may I introduce soon to be the hottest fashion kitten on the block - PANDA!

 What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I am the creator of a bright, theatrical luxury womenswear label PANDA PARKER. What I love the most about my job must be having free reign of my brain- designing without restrictions. I dream up unique and memorable garments that are also highly wearable. 

STALKED: Curro, Fashion Designer.

12 March 2014

Meet Curro..... Such an awesome and stylish guy! Need I say more!!! - here was my 5 minutes with him.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I'm a freelance designer with a passion. Fascinated about the quality a material can generate on someone.
My interest is in how are capable to give sense so the most insignificant object, cloth, attitude....creating a new trend.

Stalked: Nettie Wakefield, Artist

9 March 2014

Recently I had the pleasure of stalking the beautiful Nettie Wakefield, an artist who works primarily in pencil, drawing the backs of peoples heads.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

My Name is Nettie Wakefield and I am an artist from London. Its what ive always wanted to do so I think im very lucky that I actually get to do it! I love it because I get to be my own boss and set my own deadlines and working hours. I also get to wear what I like!

LFW Shoe Porn!

4 March 2014

Shoes this year at London Fashion Week were, funnily enough, not as sky-scrappingly high as usual.. it was actually more about the sneaker and pump than the Manolo's or Louboutin! Here are some of my favourites I snapped during the week of fashion fabulousness! 

Starting with the white on white pump - love love love!!!

STALKED: Mariana, Fashion Journalist Student.

3 March 2014

I stalked Mariana during London Fashion Week, I loved her simple yet perfect look. I stole 5 minutes with her as she was dashing to the next show.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I am a Fashion Journalism student at London College of Fashion. I love it because I love to express my self through writing, and especially because I will be in the industry that I've been fascinated with ever since I was a child. I love being an upcoming journalist/blogger as well because not only will people look up to me for information, but i'll also because the voice of people in the media. 

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