Stalked: Errol Hendrickse, Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director

12 February 2014

Now my lovely followers, I promised you all things fashion related this week, therefore, not to include a trend forecaster would be a unforgivable sin!! Trend forecasting I feel is one of the most important jobs and without these guys the fashion industry would be a total mess! On this note please may I introduce the very talented Errol, a Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director. Errol has an extensive background in fashion doing everything from styling Joan Collins, to TV presenting. I caught up with him for coffee at Monmouth coffee shop and delved into his very interesting career.

What do you do now and why do you love your job?
My job title is as a Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director – so in essence what we do is look at the global fashion, industry and political, economic structures and identify new trends that come out from the Southern hemisphere. We then forecast this into Europe, which is a new way of looking at forecasting. What normally occurs is that trends get forecast down from Europe – so we look focus on the emerging in other words. 
We then consolidate this information and sell it through into the European fashion industry, then we support the production process back into the country of origin so completing the supply chain. 

What projects are you working on at the moment?
We have a number of projects in R&D, however I am not really able to tell you about them at the minute. But all I can say is look out for design concepts that come from lands afar rendered in Knitwear from a tribal influence long used by tattoo artists. The clues are there! 

Best moment in your career to date?

This is a touchy as I have had so many – and feel really blessed in so many ways for the experiences and people I have met! 

Who is the most exciting designer to watch at the moment and why?

You know I have to confess in terms of you I’m really impressed at the minute, and God forgive me, but every season VB blows me away! I just love watching what she comes up with next! SO that the big name I am really enjoying along with my all time favourite designer Orla Kiely, but emerging designers from South Africa there is Stiaan Louw and Shaldon Kopman, then there is Maria Laura Wandavi Knitwear who is a real talent to watch!

How would you describe your personal style?

Strangely I never really wear what is on the high street - and over the years I have developed my own look and style. I love my throws, big jewellery and of corse my broad legged trousers which have become my basic uniform and I now dress this up or down. 

Where do you shop?
I have no particular shop that I go:” Oh that’s so me!” its more about walking around and seeing whats out there and then seeing something that draws me in and then I’ll buy. 

Favourite restaurant in London? 
I am a man of habit when it comes to where I go. So an extension to my office is Balan’s Café on Old Compton Street. I love the fact I spend all day doing my meeting and not really being hassled, but for me it is the relationship I have with the staff. It really makes the place for me. Other than that – I love to try out the new little eateries that are about in London.

What 5 items could you not live without?

Easy my family photos, as they live so far away and I have lost two of the dearest people in my live, My Grandmother and my Father, and have some beautiful iconic photos of them. It really keeps me grounded!

Fashion wise are; my broad legged trouser, my stoles, my lovely jumpers, and the iconic jewellery pieces that I’m known for and boots! 


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