LFW: The Stalker!

28 February 2014

As I'm sure you are all aware another London Fashion Week has been and gone and it was better than ever. The shows, the people and hurray the weather was nice on Sunday! I spent most of my time running from show to show and then pure unadulterated style stalking on sunny sunday!

Here's a little glimpse of what I wore!

STALKED: Dimeji, Model and Niko

26 February 2014

I met these two lads during LFW, both their outfitting complemented each others to a tee! Simple and perfectly stalkable!! I interviewed Dimeji (on left), a model and delved into his love to fashion and style.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I'm a model and a creative director for fashion brand Hotmess clothing.
I love it because I just love to get creative. There's times where I come up with amazing ideas for an advert, a campaign, a design, a stage layout, literally everything. So it's amazing to watch your ideas come to life.

STALKED: Natalia, Executive Director of Ukraine Fashion Week

24 February 2014

London Fashion Week may be over but you'll be happy to hear I'm going to make it last a bit longer for a my lovely followers! During Fashion Week, I delved into the fashion lives of all who I stalked, starting with the lovely Natalia, who is Executive Director of Ukraine Fashion Week.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I'm Executive Director for Fashion Week in Ukraine. We showcase some incredible international talent during this week, including our home designers and others across the world. When I come to London, it is purely to meet new designers and spread the word about Ukraine's fashion world.

STALKED: Bev Malik, Retail & Brand Consultant

23 February 2014

I stalked Bev Malik near Somerset House as she was on her way to buying appointment, we had enough time for one important question....

Where is your outfit from?

My coat is by Richard Nicoll, my trousers are Marc by Marc Jacobs and my shoes are Saint Laurent. My sunglasses and bag are from Alexandra Wang!


PPQ AW14 SHOW: Backstage Glimpse!

19 February 2014

PPQ was the final show of my first day of LFW and what a cracker it was!!!

Please may I introduce Rockabella, a very fun and quirky collection, in which Amy and Percy have dipped back into the 1960s and merged it with the 70s! Exquisite fabrics such as; lace, fur, sheer and PVC, gave a richness to the collection. All in one lace one cat suits, fluffy breakfast at Tiffany-esk dressing gowns, to hardcore rock 'n' roll PVC suits, made this one very fun little collection!


18 February 2014

This year at London Fashion, I'd like to give a round of applause to the most popular accessory.. last year it was the beanie hat.. this year it's the show-stopper hat!! Here are some of my favourites!


17 February 2014

London fashion kicked off in big way this weekend and the fashion folk flocked to Somerset House. I find this area is one of the best at this time of year for some cracking style, this week I will be showing all including interviews and who I stalked, plus some of the shows and backstage goss along the way.

Here's my first little lady - French and very very funky! Loved her attitude which she portrayed perfectly through her style.


15 February 2014

This was only the third season for the talented Azerbaijan born designer, Gyunel and like her first show for AW13, this one was equally if not more stunning.  Once an acclaimed artist, it is easy to see her past career seeping into her latest AW14 collection, in which her garments serve as canvas through the transformation of oil paintings into digital prints. 

Stalked: Errol Hendrickse, Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director

12 February 2014

Now my lovely followers, I promised you all things fashion related this week, therefore, not to include a trend forecaster would be a unforgivable sin!! Trend forecasting I feel is one of the most important jobs and without these guys the fashion industry would be a total mess! On this note please may I introduce the very talented Errol, a Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director. Errol has an extensive background in fashion doing everything from styling Joan Collins, to TV presenting. I caught up with him for coffee at Monmouth coffee shop and delved into his very interesting career.

What do you do now and why do you love your job?
My job title is as a Trend Forecaster and Brand Development Director – so in essence what we do is look at the global fashion, industry and political, economic structures and identify new trends that come out from the Southern hemisphere. We then forecast this into Europe, which is a new way of looking at forecasting. What normally occurs is that trends get forecast down from Europe – so we look focus on the emerging in other words. 
We then consolidate this information and sell it through into the European fashion industry, then we support the production process back into the country of origin so completing the supply chain. 

Stalked: Vivien Chong, Fashion Designer

11 February 2014

In the spirit of new British talent, I would like you to meet, Vivien Chong! Vivien recently graduated from the Ba (Hons) Fashion Print course at the world renowned Central Saint Martins. Her hand-pleated graduate collection was inspired by the amazing architecture of Steven Holl, where light and shadow seem to dance through the buildings he designed.

What do you do and why do you love your job?

I just recently graduated from Central Saint Martins last summer with a degree in fashion print. After graduation, I kind of took a breather for a few months and I am now currently working towards setting up an online store. Why do I love designing? I guess its because my imagination could run as free as possible and everything is a possibility. I love being creative and making the final product from my sketches a reality.

It's That Time Again: LFW

9 February 2014

It's that time again when the all the fashionistas come out of the woodwork, donning their latest Burberry spiked trench for a week of pure unadulterated fashion.  Once it was the streets of Milan that the fashion pack used to crowd to for the shows from all the top British and International fashion houses, now it's good old Blighty!! 

 As a street style blogger I find this week one of my favourites, one reason being; I get to catch up with some of my favourite fellow bloggers, such as Wendy from the blog Thank Fifi (pictured below) and Kelly from The London Chatter, both of these lovely ladies LFW week antics and views are certainly follow worthy. I will be chatting with both over the next two weeks and sharing their comments on LFW with you guys of course!

Stalked: Imogen Belfield, Jewellery Designer.

5 February 2014

Imogen, based in London, studied at Sir John Cass School Of Art & Design and graduated in 2008. All of her work is designed and made in the UK. What I loved about her work is that she thinks outside the ‘jewellery’ box and creates wearable sculptures – I’m sure you will agree that they could easily be mistaken for a delicate cluster of rocks, if left on the ground.
Her ‘rockesque’ jewellery has attracted fans such as Georgia May Jagger, Uma Thurman, Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora. Most recently Belfield’s jewellery was specially selected for the latest Ridley Scott movie ‘The Counsellor’ and worn by Cameron Diaz. Not only that, she has been named by Vogue Italia as one if its "VOGUE TALENTS" this season!

It was a true pleasure to meet this Bohemian beauty recently outside the Royal Opera House and if you are still wondering on what to get your loved one on next Friday – look no further!!

What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I am a jewellery designer. creating rockesque jewellery sculptures to adorn the body. each piece is carefully made by hand in London.
I love what i do because no two days are the same. there is always an exciting venture and a plethora of new discoveries around every corner. It is a buzzing industry to work in, and the moments with which to be inspired are in abundance. 

Stalked: Alexandra, Designer and Founder, Language Of Flowers

3 February 2014

So it's that time of year again when Cupid and his love birds start to circle around long standing couples and relationships to be, his favourite day of the year is soon approaching.. oh yes it's Valentines Day! Now boys if you're panicking on what to get your lovely lady, this week I will be stalking some brands that are a little bit different and would make perfect last minute Valentine pressies!

If you're keen to get something (or hint) on something which is not the usual jewellery, you have to check out the very cool t-shirt brand Language Of Flowers. Founded by best friends Stephanie Smart and Alexandra Bayley, the concept is inspired by the Victorian era when people weren’t allowed to express their feelings out loud, instead communicating with each other through the gift of flowers. Every flower is symbolic and has its own meaning, having been documented in dictionaries from that period - Delphinium for 'Big Love', Lime Blossom for 'Passion', Red Rose for 'True Love', Chrysanthemum for 'Loyalty', and so on.

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