Stalked: Henry Graham Co-Founder of Wolf & Badger, Boutique

8 January 2014

I always think shopping after Christmas once all the crazyness has died down, is the best time to shop. Armed with 'present money' from Christmas, I tend to hit the shops like a mad women, this year my first stop was one of my favourite shops, Wolf and Badger, recently I caught up with the co-founder Henry Graham, to talk shop, so to speak!

Tell me about Wolf and Badger? What's your brand ethos?

Wolf & Badger is a serviced retail platform designed to give new designers the opportunity to sell direct to customers, gain exposure and receive feedback about how well their collections have been received.
We have two stores in London in Mayfair and Notting Hill and a successful e-commerce site. 

What kind of brands do you stock and who is your customer?

We stock design-led new luxury brands. 
Our customer is a sophisticated, well informed man or woman looking for high quality, limited edition and artisanally produced items from brands they haven't seen before. 

At the moment what's the hottest jewellery brand?

Kasun. They make really quirky and eccentric pieces suitable for men or women.

Which designer do you think will be 'most wanted' for 2014?

Akapello. Philip the designer makes wonderful accessories for men, such as silk handkerchiefs, driving gloves and wallets.

What's your favourite brand and why?

I don't have a favourite brand as I feel all the designers we work with have something unique about what they do. However I do really like Gudrun & Gudrun for knitwear, Lisa E Moss for jewellery and Peregrine for menswear.

If you didn't already receive them for Christmas what are your 5 items you're shopping for now?

Akapello pocket chief
Gudrun & Gudrun jumper
A set of Boule from Charlie Noble
A new coat from Smith-Wykes

Anything from CF Concept for my girlfriend 

If you're a visuals fanatic like me then a little visit to their jewellery room in the basement of their Notting Hill store is amazing, the reason being is that each box filled with different designers jewellery are all created by the designers themselves, therefore, each cabinet has it's own story to tell.



  1. Love the bracelets and rings. Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  2. Beautiful photos, the jewellery are nice as well

  3. I love those shoes!

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  6. Lovely items, great pictures!


  7. i totally agree, shopping this time of year is the best haha!
    anyway, awesome interview, will have to check out this brand!


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  8. The jewelry looks so so goood! :D

  9. So many amazing pieces to choose from!

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