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12 December 2013

I have a few people I follow religiously on Instagram and Miss Kate is one of them! Style Coke is the name of her blog and her style is addictively awesome! Insta-Stalk her here. Kate's career story is a cool one, she's worked for the likes of Liberty, Jonathan Saunders, Stella McCartney and Selfridges, I caught up with her to delve deeper into her style and fashion background.

What do you do?
Beauty PR! 
Funnily enough though, I started my career working in textiles and always thought I'd end up in fashion/print design. Two years ago when I was 18, I moved to London and assisted textiles designer Chloe Owens. We worked on some amazing projects like designing a Stylist magazine cover and completing Chloe's first book. From there, I went to work with Liberty's print design team. Liberty is a store famed for their Tana Lawn's, so getting to see their entire design process from conception through to naming the prints was just incredible! I remember designing their Christmas card to Anna Sui and thinking, wow! It was there that I met their PR team, and where my journey into the PR industry began.

Who have you worked for and what's been your favourite moment in your career so far?

After Liberty, I went onto work with Jonathan Saunders, Stella McCartney, Premier, and Selfridges. 
A favourite moment, ooh, there are so many! Receiving a personal letter from Emma Hill would be up there, I really admire her so that's incredibly precious to me. Bumping into Olivia Palermo at the Jonathan Saunders show was pretty fun too - she's stylish on another level!!

Why do you blog? What's your blog all about?
Blogging is something I do for fun. I'm very serious about venturing into outfit posts in 2014, but for now I use it as an outlet for inspiration, an edit of all of my current favourite must-haves, latest favourite editorials globally, and the weekly 'Bon-Weekend' post. I'm currently working on developing new content which'll feature heavily on beauty, as that's where I seem to spend 80% of my money at the moment!

Who is your favourite designer?
I think if I had to say one it'd be Stella McCartney, she really knows how women want to dress. Celine follows close in second...

Favourite Store?

Can I pick two?! I love Liberty, you really get that entire 'shopping experience' there, their Diptyque area is a little bit of heaven, and the building is just a masterpiece in it's own right. Selfridges' shoe gallery is paradise, I'm pretty sure of it... The fact they've just opened another Pierre Hermes counter JUST for the shoe-shoppers ticks yet even more happiness inducing boxes!

Best place to eat in London? 

Daylesford Organic (or Granger & Co) on Westbourne Grove is the perfect place for brunch in W.London, such delicious fresh food. Another favourite is a more recent discovery is Nac (Mayfair), their seared scallops are absolutely sublime!!

Five items you can't live without? 

My phone, I'd be 100% lost without it.
My Tom Ford pink dusk lipstick in the original white packaging. People laugh, "It's practically vintage!"
Bea, my little chihuahua back home in Yorkshire.
Aesop's camomile face mask, it's a skin saviour in a jar.
High heeled strappy sandals, my collection is currently at full capacity!

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  1. Didnt know her, but I´m already in love with her style. So sweet.

    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

  2. So cool!!!

    New Post!


  3. soo lovely! shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

  4. You have a great and interesting blog :)
    Thank you for letting me discover a new blogger!
    Oh my the Celine bag <3

  5. oh I'm crazy for the furry jkt + neon combo!


  6. wow !!!

    that is beautiful !! amazing colors..
    the combo is just looking stunning !~!~
    I really loved it~!~

    similar stuffs!~!~!~@

  7. Your stalking series are great. People you meet do great things and lead interesting lives. xx

  8. This look is perfect. I love that touch of neon that ties the look together. Great styling!


  9. Lovely outfit!!!!!

  10. I love your beanie, looks perfect with everything else :)

  11. Love so much this look!! The fur coat and the bag are amazing!


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