How I Wear My Becksondergaard

3 December 2013

I'm thoroughly obsessed with scarves and even in the summer you'll see me wearing a strappy top and, yes, a scarf - crazy I know! If you ask me it should have its own 'addiction term' - maybe scarfaholic or scarfosession?!! My latest favourite scarf brand is a Danish company called Becksondergaard. Think big, soft, large prints and fabulous colours. Check out their latest collection here.

Now the question is how do I wear mine?

Driving around in my mini I wear it wrapped around my neck as many times as possible, with my Temperley leather jacket and Burberry big knit, because it's frickin' freezing in vintage cars!!!!

 I tend to always hit one place online when buying this brand and that's a little St Albans boutique that has got us London shopaholics terribly excited with the brands they stock and the service they provide - The Dressing Room, well worth checking out, but I do warn you and your credit card - there's no turning back! Check out their latest brands here.

Lucky for me and my little plastic credit card of a friend, The Dressing Room have a promo on at the moment. Just type in PREZZIE10 for lots of early Christmas prezzies!!!



  1. just stunning! xoxo

  2. Can I have your car please?? Anyway I love the sweater you're wearing and the scarf looks really warm, I'm starting to like scarfs more, it's something I never really cared before!

  3. what a great outfit and the scarf looks awesome!

  4. Such a beautiful look! I love how you draped it, it looks uh-mazing over that leather jacket. <3

    Tara xo

  5. That scarf's really beautiful. I love a great scarf, they seem to be taking over my cupboards at the moment, Vikki, xx

  6. Love your scarf & love your mini :)

  7. I love great big scarves like this! This one is lovely :) xx

  8. soo nice! shall we follow by fb and bloglovin?

  9. lovely photos! I need that scarf 0_0

  10. Love the outfit & the location. The scarf is very nice.

  11. Love this look! You've got an awesome blog babe, definitely following you now :)

    Check out my new blog, I'd love to know what you think

    Maybe we can follow each other?

    The Fashion Rubiks <3


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