Bye Bye 2013!

31 December 2013

I know I say this every year but pleease one more time... So kiddies this is my last ever blog post! Hehe not really only for this year anyway! 
On a serious note, I want to thank you all for reading this blog and for all your lovely kind comments, without you guys I would have given up a long time ago.. *Gwyneth P sob sob* ;) ! Anyway this year has certainly been a crazy one, Style StreetStalker has had a face lift in the sense that it's pure unadulterated stalking and interviews now, with that I've met some incredible people and been to some rather fab parties.. so here's a little recap of my year.....

Starting with one of the best holidays ever.. MIAMI BITCH! The J Crew bloggers party was one of the coolest little gatherings I've been to - think girlie blogger silliness!

The return of the dungaree.. these I simple lived in for men's fashion week.. 

This year one of my favourite things has been meeting some AWESOME people and my street style god The Sartorialist.

How could I forget my interview with the legendary Susie Bubble.

Last but most definitely not least - BILLLLLLY ZAAANE!

The TWINS have to be coolest designing duo I've met this year - I met them at LFW, how could I not stalk someone who had 'fuck off' return on their back! 

Talking of LFW  - the goooorgeous Melina!

This was a close up of the fashionista I stalked who was behind a feature staged by the Evening Standard 'Can you become a fashion star in one night by dressing up like a crazy m'f**ker!?' (my words not theirs!). Basically I snapped this chick in her super cool outfit, very high heels, who also had press buzzing around her... now here's I and the other photographers from fashion media thinking she was some hot shot new fashionista when in fact all it was was one big fake and a complete set up! Clever ES!

The lovely Chris and his vintage camera - so cool!

Another very cool dude I stalked on the streets of Covent Garden was Seye, an awesome up and coming musician, he has been named most exciting emerging talent by the Telegraph and his music is a must listen to.

Ohhhh those gloves... who else could it be than the beautiful Miss Corlette, Fiorina.

The events this year have been some of my favourites one in particular was with Susie Bubble at House Of Peroni, the temporary pop up members club of all things gorgeously Italian!   

Since starting to do the interviews I've met some awesome people, their style stands out from the crowd and is a taster of whats to come... here are some of my recent favourites - the awesome awesome Ray, DJ and Manager of Eleven Paris.

The lovely beauty PR Kate..

and how could I not mention the lovely actress Gabriela!

Again thank you all so much for following me and I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve! BRING ON 2014!!!!!




  1. i've really loved your blog this year! can't wait to see what the new year brings!


  2. Thanks so much for your support in 2013. Happy 2014

  3. amazing pics!


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