Bye Bye 2013!

31 December 2013

I know I say this every year but pleease one more time... So kiddies this is my last ever blog post! Hehe not really only for this year anyway! 
On a serious note, I want to thank you all for reading this blog and for all your lovely kind comments, without you guys I would have given up a long time ago.. *Gwyneth P sob sob* ;) ! Anyway this year has certainly been a crazy one, Style StreetStalker has had a face lift in the sense that it's pure unadulterated stalking and interviews now, with that I've met some incredible people and been to some rather fab parties.. so here's a little recap of my year.....

Starting with one of the best holidays ever.. MIAMI BITCH! The J Crew bloggers party was one of the coolest little gatherings I've been to - think girlie blogger silliness!

The Alternative 'After Christmas' Wishlists

26 December 2013

Firstly a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely readers!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately been rather absorbed in the festivities but I hope you have all had a wonderful break!

Now that the shopping 'for others' part is behind us, it's now all about shopping for ourselves!! One of my favourite shopping days actually has to be the 27th December, partly because I'm the biggest sale shopper on the planet but also it's a great time to spend that Christmas money that you were given by family member who had no idea what else to give you (or return what you didn't like for something better!!)!

Instead of the Christmas wishlists that everyone does I decided to do things a little differently this year and do the 'After Christmas Wishlist' feature. With this I have picked some of my favourite bloggers, designers and shops, to tell all about what they want NOW!

Starting with a very cool boutique in St Albans called The Dressing Room ...

Stalked: Lucy, Marketing for Les 100 Ciels

18 December 2013

Within the adorable streets of St Christopher's Place near Bond Street, a little gem of a store has just opened its doors and this particular shop specialises in one of our most loved fabrics, cashmere! Their collections are created to a high standard with a focus on detailing. The beautiful knits they use are made from the finest raw yarns that are sourced from their own goat farms in Inner Mongolia. I caught up with one of the marketing girls behind this lovely French brand and picked her brains about the brand and her own style.

What do you do and what's cool about your job? 

I love my job! I work for Les 100 Ciels looking after the marketing and operations activities in the UK. However as the UK team is relatively small it is such a flexible and varied role. From working on photo shoots, to assisting with ordering the new collection, to organising marketing events, it's great. As Les 100 Ciels is new to the UK, as growing brand there is such a sense of teamwork and care about what we do. From the design team in Paris to the girls in store. We all care so much about the product and that the customers love it as much as we do!

Stalked: Gabriela Hersham, Actress

16 December 2013

Recently on the bustling streets of Soho I stalked one very lovely lady and her gorgeous dog Shy an American Eskimo miniature and caught up with her to talk careers and style. The lovely lady in question is none other than the actress, Gabriela Hersham, whose stared in films such as North by Northeast and most recently Crying Wolf. 

What do you do and why do you love your job? 

I'm an actress. I love my job because I meet interesting people who are doing interesting things and I truly believe that the film industry adds value to the world. At the moment I'm enjoying developing an acting method that suits me best and seeing my progress. 

Stalked: Kate, Beauty PR /Blogger

12 December 2013

I have a few people I follow religiously on Instagram and Miss Kate is one of them! Style Coke is the name of her blog and her style is addictively awesome! Insta-Stalk her here. Kate's career story is a cool one, she's worked for the likes of Liberty, Jonathan Saunders, Stella McCartney and Selfridges, I caught up with her to delve deeper into her style and fashion background.

What do you do?
Beauty PR! 
Funnily enough though, I started my career working in textiles and always thought I'd end up in fashion/print design. Two years ago when I was 18, I moved to London and assisted textiles designer Chloe Owens. We worked on some amazing projects like designing a Stylist magazine cover and completing Chloe's first book. From there, I went to work with Liberty's print design team. Liberty is a store famed for their Tana Lawn's, so getting to see their entire design process from conception through to naming the prints was just incredible! I remember designing their Christmas card to Anna Sui and thinking, wow! It was there that I met their PR team, and where my journey into the PR industry began.

Stalked: Ray Noir, Manager Eleven Paris

9 December 2013

If you asked me to name my favourite shop in London, it would have to be Eleven Paris and as my regular readers will know I've blogged about these guys ALOT! So it would be totally wrong to not interview the guy behind one of my favourite shops. Please may I introduce - the truly awesome Ray!

What do you do and what's cool about your job? 

I work as a store manager for the brand ELEVEN PARIS in Carnaby street. I love working with the brand as it reflects my personal style. There is a lot of opportunities in the company which is very interesting. I do a lot of events in the shop, so I am very involved with that, booking DJ's etc. together with our press office.

How I Wear My Becksondergaard

3 December 2013

I'm thoroughly obsessed with scarves and even in the summer you'll see me wearing a strappy top and, yes, a scarf - crazy I know! If you ask me it should have its own 'addiction term' - maybe scarfaholic or scarfosession?!! My latest favourite scarf brand is a Danish company called Becksondergaard. Think big, soft, large prints and fabulous colours. Check out their latest collection here.

Stalked: Emilie An Artist

2 December 2013

I find it hard to leave the house without my camera these days and lucky for me I didn't this weekend when I popped into a London art gallery and found the lovely Emilie as she wondered round peacefully in her own thoughts looking very graceful. I stalked this lady purely for her dress that she had recently had shipped over from America. Unfortunately because we were in the middle of a very quiet gallery quizzing this little fashionista on her style wasn't really the thing to do!

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