Stalked: Marco, Graphic Designer

12 November 2013

Recently I stopped an interesting young man called Marco, an Italian graphic designer from Italy, who was delighted to be style stalked considering during his childhood he had nothing but negativity from boys his age about the way he styled himself. He even said he wouldn't have stopped for me if I was from Italy!

Well this is only a fraction of the story that Marco told me in the 5 minutes we had talking in the middle of Leicester Square in London.

Why do you like to dress the way you do?
I have always dressed this way since growing up, I believe you should always express yourself freely through your personal style as it is a subtle way to tell another person about yourself without shoving your opinions down their throats as soon as you meet them!

 What do all your badges stand for?
I have too many to even start to tell... but a lot are collected from the countries I have visited, like I'm wearing a travel scrapbook.

Where do you like to shop in London? 
I like East London, because of the vintage shops. I hate anything which is too commercial.

London or Italian fashion?
Neither! (laughs)

What do you love about your job as a Graphic designer?
I don't really know, maybe because i'm a real nerd at heart but also very arty so it combines my two loves. 

How did you get into Graphic Design? 
A lot of internships - i think you have to do a lot of work for free with most creative industries. So the less you stress about doing them the quicker you will get a job.



  1. i love his style! Especially the jacket is awesome!

  2. Wow, he's a show stopper! xx
    Thanks for passing by my blog.

  3. Really cool outfit! Love the top!


  4. He has awesome style!

  5. He certainly is bold in his choice of clothing! I find that so refreshing!

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  6. total outsider! great pictures, great person:)

  7. What a great guy. Especially love the glasses and hair x

  8. love Marco's outfit and the story behind him!

  9. Wow, just randomly hit your blog, but this post is amazing! That guy kind of reminds me of Duckie from "Pretty in Pink." Love it!



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