Stalked: Courtney, Stylist

28 November 2013

If I had to choose a person from their day job for some fashionable recommendations, it would have to be a stylist - most will agree, they are the kings and queens of being 'in the know'! Therefore, when I met the lovely Coco a successful fashion and celebrity stylist I picked her brains like no tomorrow on all things stylish! 

 What do you love about being a stylist and why do you do it?

I am a creative person… I love that every day is different. In one week I could be presenting a tv or online show about a celebrities style, styling a shoot for a commercial or editorial, creating idea mood boards for clients, at a model casting, attending the launch of a new fashion collection, attending press events, pulling clothes for shoots, researching new shoot locations, flying to somewhere exotic for a shoot… the list is endless and keeps me excited and on my toes and I get to work in fashion every day. It’s tough but I’m still living the dream!

Stalked: Alex Darche, Founder of Daisy Darche

26 November 2013

Alex Darche is the talented designer behind Daisy Darche, a family run London company, specializing in beautiful clothing made out of  their own uniquely designed fabrics. When I say family company I really mean family company –Alex’s mother has worked as a screen print designer for 26 years and supplied fabrics for the likes of Matthew Williamson and Alice Temperley, to top this off she has also been a fashion fringe finalist. Not only is this a mother daughter duo, all the fabrics are printed by none other than Alex’s father.

I snapped the beautiful Alex on a very rainy day in Covent Garden, before grabbing a much needed coffee to warm us up and chin wag about her latest collections!

Where do you get your inspirations?

Life, has to be the only answer to that. Everywhere I go I get inspired, whether it be from nature or industrial structures – I think you keep your eyes very open when you are a designer.

What’s in store for next season?

Well I’m not going to give too much away but I tend to not follow trends too much so will actively go against what others are doing, so my customer will always be standing out from the crowd in one of my designs. A hint to next season is oxblood florals!

Who are your favourite designers?

Helmet Lang, Rick Owen –I love his leathers!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to wear black and prints, simple with a splash of colour or a statement piece.

When you’re not designing what do you do?

I’m a real yoga bunny! Theatre and music I love, and travelling all these inspire my designs so much – for instance a trip to Ibiza inspired my to produce the craziest colours and prints for a past seasons collection.


Stalked: Josh, Fashion Designer

21 November 2013

Meet Josh, a young budding fashion designer I recently stalked in Notting Hill.... I quizzed this little fashionista on his style and love of all things fashionable!

In your opinion what makes a good fashion designer? Someone who pushes the boundaries of design or someone who designs fabulous wearable clothing?

I feel, a good fashion designer is someone who designs conceptually and thinks about the garment as a whole, attention to detail and fabrication are key. It's not just the design, but the craftsmanship and skill that go into making the finalised garment are what really showcase a designers talents and creativity.

Favourite designer and store?

Phoebe Philo is someone I have admired for years, and whose fashion career I have closely followed from her transition from Chloe to Celine. She is a true fashion visionary, and understands the importance of cut and fabrication within a garment -- pure genius!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as preppy meets fashion follower, with a hint of dandy for good measure.

Favourite restaurant in London?

Narrowing down my favourite restaurant is far too tricky... So I would say Aubaine in Mayfair for brunch, Cecconi's for lunch and dinner at Close Maggiore, the most romantic restaurant in London.

Five items you can't love without!

1. Without a shadow of a doubt, carmex!
2. Bleu de Chanel, my go to fragrance.
3. My Mulberry Piccadilly, essential for everyday.
4. A suede loafer.
5. A well fitting pair of skinny jeans, which is no mean feat to find!


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