Stalked: Sophie Bee, Fashion Designer in Notting Hill

7 October 2013

I met the lovely Sophie whilst doing a spot of saturday shopping in Notting Hills. Sophie an up and coming fashion designer works for the fashionable Wolf Badger, who support up and coming designers, such as Sophie herself. Here's my 5 minutes with the lovely Miss Bee.

Sophie, How would you describe you style?

Relaxed and slightly boho, I wear what makes me feel good without spending too much time thing about it.

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?

To be honest I don't have one particular designer, I'm more into smaller unique designers all for different reason, for instance for leather; Pinghe.

You obviously have an eye for jewellery, would you say you had a particular style?

No, I just go for what catching my eye, but I do have an addiction, I'm obsessed with Tessa Metcalfe and The Great Frog.

What five items could you not live without?

1. My mini sketch book, 2. My jewellery. 3. Various cowboy boots 4. Honey nut crunch (has been my daily breakfast since I was 15). 5. Purple nail varnish!

I loved her natural boho style, there's not many people can pull of the head chain but Sophie Bee certainly can, watch out for this chick she'll be the next big thing in the fashion world soon!



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  2. tres chic my dear! xoxo


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