Stalked: Sofia The PR Near Sloane Square

30 October 2013

My most recent stalk... the beautiful Sofia, PR Senior Account Executive for Dee Vesali Publicity, one of my favourite agencies who support brands such as the uber cool Finest Seven sunglasses. I remember when I started out my career, I actually wanted to be in PR - well, easier said than done! This, as I'm sure many of you know is one tough industry to crack and if you are at present trying to enter the world of publicity, you may just like my five minutes with this stylish lady!

Firstly though, Sofia's style.... She's one of these girls who effortlessly pulls off looking damn good, all of the time! I don't think there has been a time when I haven't said, 'love your look', after saying this far too many times, getting her on this old website seemed inevitable!!

How did you get into fashion PR and what do you love about your job?

I actually fell into Fashion PR. When I first started out my career, I thought I wanted to be a stylist but after talking to a few industry people I thought I'd probably be more suited to PR so I decided to try my hand at an internship.  I interned part time with the wonderful shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey.  I loved working with him and he put me forward for a position at global PR agency Starworks, and the rest is history...  I now work at boutique agency Dee Vesali Publicity, where I've been since the agency launched in 2010.

How would you describe your style? 

I always go for simple, timeless pieces with not too much fuss: my wardrobe is pretty much monochrome at the moment (except for when I'm at festivals!). Oh, I never wear jeans; always a skirt.

Who is you fav designer? 

I don't think I have one in particular...  I love labels like Acne and Alexander Wang for their clean lined casual wear and Felder Felder for their luxe glam rock vibe, my sunglasses label Finest SEVEN actually collaborated with Felder Felder for Spring Summer 13, which was very cool.

Favourite shop in London? 

Liberty's.  Not to buy anything, just to mooch and escape the Oxford Street madness.  Village Bicycle for cool laid back daywear.  Portobello Market for ambling on a Saturday and picking up fun trinkets.

Favourite jewellery designer?

I love Dominic Jones. And Lovebullets for their gorgeous, tough-edged pieces and great ethos (they work in conjunction with War Child against violence and donate to its cause).

Five items you can't live without?

My Blackberry! I'm surgically attached to it.  Everything else pretty much pales into insignificance but I guess in the winter it would be my leather insert Maje coat; Sandro biker boots; JB by JOUBI gold cat ear ring; Burberry fox head cross body bag, which I'm a bit obsessed with.

Any advice for aspiring PRs?

It's a great career but be prepared to intern for a bit which is pretty much the only way to get into the industry as far as I can tell. 



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