Stalked: Miss 'Corlette' ! Founder Of Corlette

28 October 2013

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous designer behind the fast up and coming brand Corlette. I have to admit I've never been a massive leather glove fan but after 10 minutes with this little lady over a glass of fizzy, I wanted to don my leather gloves (or any of her designs actually) and never take them off! As well as being a very talented accessory designer she also is the most style stalkable person, one of those girls you can't help but do a double take at and crave for her whole wardrobe!

The story all began when she found her grandmother's box of gloves. She loved the way ladies back in her grandmother's days used to change their whole look by a simple pair of gloves, from this she was inspired to reinvent the simple leather belt and glove. Fiorina named the company after her grandmother whose name was Colette and then she added the 'R' for rococo.

Here's 10 minutes with the gorgeous Fiorina

What are your inspirations?

My travels, city's and the new energy that comes with a certain city and its fashions. Burma and Africa, were among the countries that have inspired my work. 
I embed my character and what I loved within my designs for instance I am obsessed with black and white, therefore, my next collection for AW13 will be mostly all black and white.

In your opinion what's the hottest trend this season?

Gothic and rock mixed with classical and simple.

Favourite designer?

Mark Fast (who I recently collaborated with to design a collection for his SS14 runway show), David Koma, Sophia Webster.

5 items you can't live without?

Handbags, like her shopping bag she wears the most.


Gloves last
Necklaces and rings

The right pair of gloves can transform an outfit from day to evening, my favourites are a pair are these iguana (not real iguana) silver leather ones, wear these with a simple black outfit and you'll turn quite a few heads. All of her accessories are handmade in a small family run factory in Italy, with some gloves taking over a week to make. They use the softest most beautiful leather that is so soft you will find it hard to stop stroking them! 

This season she has also started designed a range of handbags working with an ex Louboutin designer to create a versatile range of bags for day and evening, the beautiful Fiorina was wearing one of hers when I stalked her.

Check out her new designs on her website.



  1. I'm loving her! xoxo

  2. Those pumps are gorgeous!
    Thanks for passing by my blog! xx

  3. Oh yeah, the gloves are killer!!! Love it!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. that outfit is perfect!!
    i love it!

  5. Loved your blog and will come back for sure! I find it very inspirational...

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  6. OMG!! I'm in your same case, i have never been a big fan of leather gloves, but after this post i'm in love.
    Great brand, fantastic designer, and incredible look.

  7. Nice pics! love all them

  8. Beautiful gloves! All of them on her website are stunning!
    Your blog is really inspiring ;))

  9. Hi, thanks for a lovely comment ♥
    I love your blog too and I follow you ♥
    amazing blog


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