Stalked: Gloria Yu, Fashion Designer At Frieze Art Fair 2013

23 October 2013

Earlier in the week I promised you all Frieze stalkings and here is my first very stylish lady - Gloria Yu, a fashion designer that creates the coolest tops, for example the one she is wearing! Here's my 5 minutes with Gloria!

I remember you saying that you're a designer, how would describe your work? And why do you love your job?

In general for my ready to wear designs, comfort and humour are two key elements.... because you pretty much can't go wrong with them.
For my headpiece I guess I would describe them as romantic with an extra-terrestrial edge. I never get bored of getting inspired by nature because I haven't yet stop discovering new things about it and I am always fascinated by its organized chaos.
I love my job because I can't imagine doing anything else. 

What was your favourite artist during frieze?
Whoever did the text art behind the 'General Waste' bins

How would sum up your style?

Favourite store in London?

Mrs Kibble's Olde Sweet Shoppe on Brewer. Keeps me happy.

What 5 items can you not live without?
My keys, phone, tea, needle and thread

Her website is - I know I'll be ordering one of her leather tops very soon!



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