Stalked: Daniella at Somerset House

2 October 2013

During LFW I stalked the very beautiful Daniella from the awesome blog, LellaVictoria. Here's my 5 minutes with this stylish little lady!

What do you love about blogging and why did you start? And are you a full time blogger? 

Blogging gives me an outlet to be creative in a way that is works for me and blogging introduces me to people who I'd probably never meet otherwise. 
I started blogging because I had collected a lot of outfit pictures and I thought it would be cool to share them on the Internet, I also liked the idea of having a space where I could express the love and passion I have for clothes, style and fashion. And most importantly as a sufferer of M.E it's given me a sense of purpose, something I lacked before I had LellaVictoria. 

What's been your favourite part of LFW SS14?

 My favourite part of LFW has been meeting other bloggers who I've been talking to online for ages with and also taking street style pictures, an activity that I'm slightly addicted to! 

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?

Kaylee Cho, shes a young designer with a very beautifully refined aesthetic. I also love Acne, the row, Margaret Howell, Stella McCartney and Bruuns bazaar. And I know that's more then one but its to hard to narrow it down. Haha!

If you we're stranded on an island what 5 items could you not live without?

I couldn't live with without 
1. My phone 
2. Spot ( a soft toy I've owned since I was four, I know, grow up already!Haha) 
3. Vogue, you know, to give me something to read 
4. Lip balm 
5. My ray Bans, to look cool whilst I'm waiting to be rescued from the island. 

It was lovely to meet the lovely Daniella, as we share exactly the same views about blogging, my favourite part of it is meeting some fabulous people, like Daniella herself! Her blog is awesome and very addictive, as this little fashionista has a natural and brilliant personal style.



  1. really amazing :) you are so pretty!

    great blog, would you like to follow each other(via GFC and if you like on FB too)?:)
    just let us know, we always follow back <3


  2. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
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  3. I enormously like this kind of look
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  4. Great outfit! Love all the details! Your blog is amazing, following you now! Please stop by my blog and maybe follow back? Thanks!


  5. Love everything!

  6. totally love it shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

  7. gorgeous look! xoxo


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