STALKED: Chris at LFW SS14 Somerset House

23 September 2013

I stalked Chris at Somerset House, who was out snapping fashions fabulous on the most gorgeous vintage camera. 
My 5 minutes with Chris Pollard:

What do you love about your job? What do you love about your job? And why do you choose to use vintage cameras for your photography.  
One of the main things I love about my job is actually getting to chat to really creative and inspired people, feeding off their interest and their knowledge, it keeps me wanting to push my own work and concepts further. I shoot on Vintage film stock, as I think the industry has recently been over saturated with Digital photography! I don't condone Digital work as it's what feeds the evolution of our industry, but I think maintaining the use of analogue reminds the instagram-age of where that filter they apply actually originates from! I am also so drawn to the tactile nature of Polaroid and Film. Being able to hold a photo in your hand (in which you are never entirely sure if it will work until it is developed) really gives me a buzz when a mistake in the film, or a light leak creates an result that I wasn't expecting.

What's your favourite camera?   
Favourite camera - A Sanderson Quater plate made Wood and Brass! its about 90-95 years old! Getting something Pre-World War 1 to capture images feels quite special.

Favourite Designer?
Not so much a designer, but a Savile Row tailoring house: H Huntsman - they have really tried to experiment with shooting suits and tweed this season. 

Best Show?
Pam Hogg! Great use of ballet and dance on the catwalk and the taxidermy head wear / slightly macabre militaria aprons and wartime armbands were great touches.

5 items you can you not live without?

1.Paper-based Diary...If I wrote it in my phone I would never turn up at the right time or date for anything

2. Good Stationary...just makes writing useless notes that I will probably forget much more enjoyable

3. Tailored Suit...Weddings, Shows, Parties, Work...what ever the occasion, as long as it fits perfectly it will work

4. Emergency snacks...running between shows and everything else requires a lot of energy!

5. A Camera..Doesn’t have to be analogue, but a way to capture memories is always important!



  1. both pics are sooo nice. what do you think about following each other? i just discovered your blog and i really like it
    just let me know. xoxo


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