FUR: To Wear Or Not To Wear!!!

28 August 2013

This season I suggest to all fashion lovers out there, if you hate fur – stay away from the luxury high streets, because this season they somehow have all gone crazy for the stuff!! But my question is why base a whole collection around a fabric that is so controversial??

I’m neither a lover or a hater of this topic but I do slightly lean more towards the ‘don’t’ use fur side, as I feel in this day and age there are so many amazing fabrics out there and special techniques to create the most incredible faux furs, why would they still choose to cause friction within the industry and even possibly loosing sales and alienating anti-fur customers. No names mentioned of this seasons guilty parties involved… Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi!

So why are so many brands choosing to involve themselves in this moral roller-coaster? It has appeal to be a sign of glamour and luxury although some might say it is a product of unnecessary barbarism. On the streets around fashion week I snapped endless people wearing some seriously amazing furs.. but what’s worrying though outside it wasn’t -1 degrees.. it was sunny!! 

Although don’t get me wrong, it is certainly not all fashion brands that have got the fur fetish this season, Stella McCartney still flies the Anti-Fur flag very high saying ‘I think me designs have shown that animals don’t need to suffer for fashion’. Also according to a report by the RSPCA, 95 percent of women would refuse to wear fur and most highstreet stores have banned fur, such as Topshop and Zara as well as the department giant Selfridges!

 During London Fashion Week last year, I snapped this dude outside the Burberry Prorsum show, dressed in his Burberry trench with his grandmothers old fur fox wrap, I was amazed how confident he was to wear such a statement piece, but then again I understood the sentimental value that was inheriting something that your grandmother cherished, even if it was a little repulsive!!!!

I remember once when I was much younger wearing a friends rabbit gilet and getting shouted at as I walked past Harrods – trust me to find myself in the middle of a protest wearing the one thing I really shouldn’t be! Since then this moral argument has festered inside … to love or to hate… and why should we as humans feel we have the need to kill animals for our own fashion pleasures, but then saying this shouldn’t I be a vegetarian and throw out all my leather shoes?! In Russia on the other hand fur is a necessity with temperatures often reaching below -25 degrees, the only thing that will keep you warm is fur, these items out in Russia are a major major fashion item and necessity!

For me I’ve always felt if I’m going to wear fur, as long as it very very old such as my grandmothers, then OK I will wear it, as there is a kind of sentimental charm about it, although I can safely say no foxes will be sprawled across my shoulders, so it depends what furs! I’m not sure I agree with new furs, as this is a case of if there is the demand then the supply will always flow, it would be nice if one day it was only the old vintage furs that were in circulation as this would make the item even more cherish-able and special! But that’s me! 

(all pictures my own taken during LFW)



  1. me acaba de volver loca ese primer abrigo ... maravilloso!!!

  2. I like fur, I have a fur coat that was my mothers from 40 years ago.
    But I probably would not buy real fur now. That's my thought anyway.

    Justine Cashmere Times

  3. definitely wear! xoxo


  4. I love furs, I think they are so elegant and beautiful! I feel sorry though for the little animals, so faux fur is better for me :)



  5. amazing post, great selections...
    in leopard print and black one looks amazing!
    I love furs, but maybe not real furs...:)
    kissses x

  6. Very thoughtful post with a great selection of photos! I personqally agree with you - vintage furs, sure why not? But don't start killing even more animals to make more coats, hats, gloves, etc. when we can easily make those things without spilling blood.

  7. Really insightful post, and such great pictures! I'm a huge fan of your blog!


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