16 July 2013

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the jewellery brand Lovebullets, their brand ethos and values shone out amongst the sea of emerging jewellery designers! You may have already noticed my obsession with these guys, as I now never take off my own 'LOVEBULLET'.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the guys behind this fast up and coming brand, and taking a closer look at some of their coolest pieces.

What first gave you the idea to create this type of jewellery and why? 

 The concept evolved from a fantasy story I wrote whereby five LOVE ANGELS: DESIRABELLE, WILLIAM, MARTIN, LAMBERT AND KOHN defy an evil force; IZOR, by ‘freezing’ his destructive weapons and electrifying them with positive power and beauty. This story inspired us to manifest the ideology and create a symbol that could represent a positive movement. After months of working artistically with artillery the concept was finally launched in Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival 2008.

I have always strongly believed that we need to work to combat violence and I felt an immediate affinity to War Child, which is the charity we work with, as it’s a great cause.  The charity’s way of working mirrors the Lovebullets ethos perfectly because it works to invert destruction and violence, and uses positive experiences – art, music etc - to spread its message, in the same way that we do.

What are your inspirations?

The aim is to always soften the hard aesthetic bullets and artillery and to lend it a fashion appeal.  Looking at the bigger picture though, I also draw inspiration from nature as a whole: the way that plants grow for example, or the natural formation of the crystals I incorporate in my designs. 

Favourite piece you've designed? 

I’m working on a bullet corset at the moment which is going to be amazing, but it’s got to be our Glastonbury installation this year!

Tell me about your art installations, why did you start creating these? 

It all started with the art installations: our first was the Love Tank at Glastonbury Festival 2008.  This was a decommissioned army tank that we turned into a DJ booth: a symbolic dance on violence.  Our jewellery line was born of this concept.

Advice for any budding jewellery designers? 

Innovate don’t imitate!

I think you will agree this is one very cool brand, even better news is that their jewellery is fabulously affordable, check out their latest collection here. You can also find them in big retailers such as Urban Outfitters and ASOS.

Now all is left is to get your Lovebullet - the ultimate guilt free purchase!



  1. How very unusual yet cool! I think I'll invest in one of these for when I want to project a 'don't mess with me' image ;)

  2. These are super cool pieces! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. woow! this is cute! hahahaha hope you'll have a time to visit my blog. would you like to follow each other? =) just let me know what you think =) Kisses

  4. Que preciosidades!! me encantan ademas la fotografia es una chulada entre rocas... Perfecto!!

    Un besote gran post!

  5. Wow, amazing collection!

  6. Really interesting post! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  7. what a great post, such amazing jewellery. I love the concept of it being a dance on violence, that is beautiful :) I love the mix of masculine and feminine too, so gorgeous xoxo

  8. Perfect jewels

  9. Great post!
    Anyway,interesting blog and hope to see more posts.
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  10. I loooooooooooove those necklaces! *.*


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