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4 June 2013

You don't have to look very far to find cool t-shirt brands these days, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd - one of my favourites at the moment is Reality Dreams, I caught up with the owner and designer for a chat on the brand.

Whats the story behind the name?

RealityDreams is one of a number of brand names I considered but I kept coming back to it.  The attraction is partly the clever play on words, the idea of direct opposites and symmetry, but it also lends itself to a number of key messages and that gives me plenty of scope to work with in my designs.  The Reality Dreams Angel is a unique illustration and signifies the aspirational element of the brand.  Some of the message is internal to the brand, raising itself above competing brands in the industry, always striving for success and having an sense of purity about it.  The main core of our current message is to the fashion conscious male market, a message that says 'Make of your life a dream, and of a dream your reality'.  Wearing Reality Dreams should make you feel like to you earned the right to wear a slice of luxury.

Why did you want to start a t-shirt Brand?

I've always loved fashion and wanted my own clothing label. My career as a designer has given me a platform to make real my thoughts and imagination and I try to bring them to life in the designs I create.  T-shirts are a staple item in every man's wardrobe, but there is a big difference in quality and fit across the market.  I wanted to demonstrate that even with the most 'ordinary' of garments, Reality Dreams could express its design flair, demonstrate its superior quality and showcase the importance of attention to detail.  Hence each new tee is even delivered gift wrapped and boxed, but we won't stop at just tees...

Brand ethos?
 The brand ethos is to create superior quality designer clothing for people who demand more.  It is about delivering attention to detail that adds greater value in line with the price tag. We want to make sure that if our customers are paying more they are getting more.  It is about making our customers feel special.  They are part of an exclusive collective of people that want to get the most out of life and are willing to work for it.  The brands roots are British and we want to keep as much of our business activities here as we can going forward.

Your favourite t-shirt of all time? 
I don't have a favourite tee really, I admire clever design in every form but I suppose there are certainly brands that seem to do this better than others in my eye. I do remember having a Prada t shirt when I was younger and the experience of how it felt, how it fitted and looked really made me feel good and that is the feeling I want to pass on to Reality Dreams customers when creating tees. 

What's in store for us for aw13?!
The remainder of this year will see the release of more tee shirt designs.  We are featuring in GQ and Mens Health in the coming months and are involved in Trendlive at the O2 arena London in October creating the official tees for the event.  The brand will remain focussed on the menswear market, certainly for the remainder of this year, but 2014 may see us start to explore womenswear also, as I get asked about it all the time.

So to all fashion brand stalkers... watch this space!!! I'm wearing their Risky Business tee.

Find them here: Reality Dreams 



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