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24 June 2013

One of my favourite things about blogging and working in fashion has to be the shows, they may only be a mere 15 minutes long, which feels more like 5 minutes when you're sitting there but they are the highlight of the fashion calendar and my year! This year I had the pleasure of being one of Vodafone's VIPs so they got me the most incredible seats- of course I'm not really 'VIP', so I'll let you in on the secret of how you can be sitting right where I was for next season.

But first, here's my little recap of my favourite shows...  Starting with one of the hottest menswear designers that we all know.... J W ANDERSON !!!

The show started at 9am last Monday, a very early start, so we all rushed for the coffee and breakfast provided before the show. I was particulary excited about this show being an avid follower of the designer and all...

As the drum beats started so did the show and the first model appeared, wide legged high waisted trousers, and black bandaged tunics galore. The contrast between the restricting top and fluid bottoms worked well but I felt lacked punch. Although his collection developed into twisted kimono tunics and delicate Deco-print halter necks which emphasised a key message that Anderson was trying to get across in this collection - Menswear Femininity.

Did I like this collection... not sure, I felt it was verging towards Raf Simons and as for wearable, forget it boys!



As James Long sent his team of models down the runway, smiles from the audience appeared - you could see everyone thinking the same thing; 'he's done it again!' His collection reminded me of a cross between the Backstreet Boys and Hells Angels .. cyclists!

Long's collection was inspired by the Tour de France, and the sensory experience he had when watching it. “The endurance and toughness of it is very specific to cycling, which I always find fascinating when the body is so relevant.” James Long.

He introduced some lovely pieces of knitwear, consisting of a hypnotic collection of blue, pink and red stripes. His models were presented with slicked back hair and tinted glasses which added a certain sex appeal to his designs. On the last day of LCM, Long gave us a collection that re-affirms his position as one of London’s great menswear designers and a huge favourite of mine!

I snapped this fellow street style photographer outside - I just loved her classic trench and hat.. simple but perfect!

Now as I mentioned before, it's not all that hard to get tickets for these shows, all you need to do is register with Vodafone VIP and because they are the official sponsors of London Fashion Week, you could end up going as one of their VIPs. For more info go here.



  1. I love the photo of the the queue outside, its so interesting to see their outfits!xx

  2. Awesome totally awesome

  3. Amazing!!!^^


  4. The collection looks amazing! I don't really see a men's collection, but I'm glad you post this, Thanks for sharing and you have amazing photographies too! xo akiko
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  5. Great post, love it

    Have a nice day!

  6. This must have been an amazing experience! I would love to go to a fashion show some day. Thanks for visitng my blog. I am following you now :)

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  8. Interesting facts and pictures - thanks for sharing!

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog - I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  9. I want to go - take me please next time! what do i have to do? I love james long

    Jon x


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