Stalked: Bloomsbury Square

27 June 2013

 I stalked this gorgeous lady outside Victoria House just before the Agi & Sam Show, she not only was naturally stylish, she also was the girlfriend of Sam, one of the talented designers.

I loved her all white look contrasting it with strong accessories which were all vintage. Although her outfit looks high end designer-esk, it is actually mostly from Topshop .. which makes it even better-hip hip hooray for highstreet!!


Diesel Party: Glow In The Dark Ping Pong

26 June 2013

There's no doubt that one of the coolest brands out there has to be Diesel's 55DSL, aka 'Studio 55' who simply hold the best parties and have the coolest clothes - what more could one ask for!?!
Recently I went along to one of their parties which was, wait for it.... GLOW IN THE DARK PING PONG!!!!

Stupidly cool!!!!

Studio 55 was born not only to be a very cool extension of the Diesel brand, but to also promote young artists, DJs, and skaters. That's exactly the reason they held their recent event under the arches in the backstreets of Clarkenwell in Ping Tron, a permanent venue set up for glow in the dark ping pong and partying! - If you haven't been GO!

I loved this dudes style, not many men can pull of earrings!!!

This time Studio 55 were supporting emerging artist Benjamin Murphy, who does the most amazing pieces all from just sticky tape and a scalpel.

There's no doubt that my Ping Pong performance skills got so much better thanks to the alcohol sponsor for the evening - the rather yummy, Oranjeboom!

Another awesome party by Studio 55, with live acts from DJ Mo Fingaz, Reggae Roast and Mohson Stars, we danced and played ping pong late into the night, with my ping pong skills getting increasing worse.. oops I mean better!!

As you can probably tell, I'm rather obsessed with these guys - recently the brand had a revamp from what was a skater brand to a chic fashion brand with some extreeemely cool pieces! Check out 55DSL here, I'm obsessed with their Fropical jackets - anything called Fropical is worth a second take!!!

LCM: Fancy Joining Me Next Season?

24 June 2013

One of my favourite things about blogging and working in fashion has to be the shows, they may only be a mere 15 minutes long, which feels more like 5 minutes when you're sitting there but they are the highlight of the fashion calendar and my year! This year I had the pleasure of being one of Vodafone's VIPs so they got me the most incredible seats- of course I'm not really 'VIP', so I'll let you in on the secret of how you can be sitting right where I was for next season.

But first, here's my little recap of my favourite shows...  Starting with one of the hottest menswear designers that we all know.... J W ANDERSON !!!

The show started at 9am last Monday, a very early start, so we all rushed for the coffee and breakfast provided before the show. I was particulary excited about this show being an avid follower of the designer and all...

As the drum beats started so did the show and the first model appeared, wide legged high waisted trousers, and black bandaged tunics galore. The contrast between the restricting top and fluid bottoms worked well but I felt lacked punch. Although his collection developed into twisted kimono tunics and delicate Deco-print halter necks which emphasised a key message that Anderson was trying to get across in this collection - Menswear Femininity.

Did I like this collection... not sure, I felt it was verging towards Raf Simons and as for wearable, forget it boys!



As James Long sent his team of models down the runway, smiles from the audience appeared - you could see everyone thinking the same thing; 'he's done it again!' His collection reminded me of a cross between the Backstreet Boys and Hells Angels .. cyclists!

Long's collection was inspired by the Tour de France, and the sensory experience he had when watching it. “The endurance and toughness of it is very specific to cycling, which I always find fascinating when the body is so relevant.” James Long.

He introduced some lovely pieces of knitwear, consisting of a hypnotic collection of blue, pink and red stripes. His models were presented with slicked back hair and tinted glasses which added a certain sex appeal to his designs. On the last day of LCM, Long gave us a collection that re-affirms his position as one of London’s great menswear designers and a huge favourite of mine!

I snapped this fellow street style photographer outside - I just loved her classic trench and hat.. simple but perfect!

Now as I mentioned before, it's not all that hard to get tickets for these shows, all you need to do is register with Vodafone VIP and because they are the official sponsors of London Fashion Week, you could end up going as one of their VIPs. For more info go here.


Stalked: Daniel Kennedy at LCM SS14

19 June 2013

I'd seen Daniel a few times at the various shows I attended and his style caught my eye every time, it was classic menswear tailoring with twist. Please no more crazy try hard fashion week styling give me this kind any day!

I finally style stalked Daniel after the James Long show, which I will tell all about tomorrow but just to give you a clue - it was a goody!!


LCM Stalking: Agi & Sam SS14

18 June 2013

At Sunday's Agi & Sam menswear show, anticipation grew within the audience for this young British duo as we eagerly awaiting a glimpse of their SS14 collection. If I'm being honest I almost prefer London Collections Mens (men's fashion week) it's more relaxed than womens, although don't get me wrong I love that too. 

For the rest of this week I will be giving you a taste of the action from the shows and my fav British designers - Hip Hip Hooray for the Brits!!! 

Agi Mdumulla studied Fashion Design at Manchester School of Art and Sam Cotton studied Illustration at University of Lincoln. While producing print for Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, J.W. Anderson, Armand Basi and Carolyn Massey, he learnt the theory of production, colour and fabric. Agi trained at a Soho based tailors, before spending a year with Alexander McQueen working alongside the menswear team. At McQueen, he learned primarily the importance of research, and the extent at which creativity can be explored. He then went on to work for himself briefly before setting up Agi & Sam.

“With a strong emphasis on entirely bespoke print and humour, we believe that fashion should never be taken too seriously. We also endeavour to sit firmly in the middle of brands that fear creating something different and those which push collections too far.” Agi & Sam

The Owls!!!!

Their SS14 collection was sharp with masculine silhouettes in bold colours, their tailored pieces were by far my favourites. (See picture above)

The crowd exploded with cheer at the final walk!

As well me stalking the god of street style photography Scott Schuman, I was also stalked by all the fashion crazy blogger just like myself  - looks like they liked my dungarees!! 

I'm wearing: Dungarees; Rocket Vintage store, Lace top; Topshop. Shoes; Steve Madden. Clutch; Zara. Headband; Other Stories.

LCM has really moved on from what it used to be (which was slightly in the shadow of the ladies) but now that Vodafone the official sponsors are on board they have made sure that LCM has all the perks of London Fashion Week Womenswear, especially loved the battery recharge front row benches, as all of us iPhone kiddies know that our charger is our best friend!!!

Tomorrow prepare for Mr J W Anderson!


Stalked: The Sartorialist

17 June 2013

There have been very few moments in my style stalking career in which I have been truly excited to photograph an individual, but the time came today when I had the opportunity to photograph my Blogging Hero - Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist !

It was a special stalking moment for me as this is the man who inspired me to start this blog, he is I'm sure you will agree a God when it comes to street style photography! I stalked Scott outside Victoria House after the Agi & Sam show at London Mens Collections which is sponsored by Vodafone, which I will be telling you all about tomorrow. 


Jewellery With A Twist

16 June 2013

I recently stumbled across this rather cool website for jewellery, which caught my eye because it was completely different to what I have seen before therefore, I simply had to share this with you guys.

The brand is called Evocateur and is an American company, their handmade jewellery incorporates 22K gold leaf and sterling silver embellished with vintage jewelry, striking images and other found treasures. 

I loved their playful designs especially all their animal pieces and the above picture of their skeleton necklace I adore! 

Their jewellery includes cuffs, bangles, pendants, earrings and belts can be found in premier boutiques and and retail stores throughout the United States and the rest of the world, for more information on where you can find them click here.

My favourite pieces which are firmly on my birthday pressie wish list are The Magic 8 Ball Cuff, Skeleton Necklaces, Zebra Cuff, and finally the gorgeous silver Alligator Cuff .

For more of their designs check out their website below.

 Images Courtesy of Evocateur


Stalked With Stars In Their Eyes

12 June 2013

I've also been a sucker for slightly more eccentric style, so of course I simply had to talk this little lady and what better timing than in the run up to some cool hippy style with the fast approaching summer festivals! 

I loved her beautifully floaty dress with faux fur gilet and 1960s glasses - a truly cool chick I think you will agree!!


Leather Addict

10 June 2013

If you asked me what my favourite wardrobe item was, I would have to say my leather jackets - I have a massive addiction to anything leather (meant only in the fashion sense!!)! My latest new edition to my collection is my leather waistcoat, perfect for the summer! 

I stumbled across this waistcoat on a rather cool website called iL2L which specialises in all things leather, they have the most amazing selection of jackets, and even better news is they are not overpriced like so many other leather jackets.

 Waistcoat: IL2L, Tee: Eleven Paris, Shirts; Topshop. Sunglasses; Finest Seven for Felder Felder.

IL2L has 40 years experience, making these very cool jackets and their love for designing is obvious in the final product.  My little leather waistcoat was just perfect when we went for stroll along the boardwalk on Miami Beach. 

Every person needs a leather jacket, they are an investment piece only getting better with age - therefore, I can recommend if you don't have one yet you have to check out IL2L !


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