Stalked On Miami Beach

29 May 2013

As you can imagine cool chicks on the white sands of Miami Beach are pretty easy to find, but these two ladies stood out from the rest! In the extreme mid day heat baseball caps are a seriously good idea, but gone of the days when these items were restricted only to sporting occasions, now days there are some fabulous fashion baseball caps, from leather, tartan to metallic's - these two are brilliant examples.

These ladies both Miami chicks and members of Soho House - we saw constantly throughout the week, always glass of wine in hand, wearing a different hat each day!! Tres Cool!



  1. Cool twist on the classic baseball cap! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  2. a pretty good life apparently! ;) xo, ALma

  3. looks like an amazing time.
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  4. You are adorable

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  5. Really cool picture the colours are amazing, what camera do you use? i'm sorry you probably get asked this the whole time. I'm thinking about starting a blog and I know I need to get a good camera if I want to be as good as you lot.

    Ceska xx

  6. Great post!
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    xx Sofie

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