Stalked On Miami Beach

29 May 2013

As you can imagine cool chicks on the white sands of Miami Beach are pretty easy to find, but these two ladies stood out from the rest! In the extreme mid day heat baseball caps are a seriously good idea, but gone of the days when these items were restricted only to sporting occasions, now days there are some fabulous fashion baseball caps, from leather, tartan to metallic's - these two are brilliant examples.

These ladies both Miami chicks and members of Soho House - we saw constantly throughout the week, always glass of wine in hand, wearing a different hat each day!! Tres Cool!


Hello Miami!

28 May 2013

I can safely say I think most of my UK followers will agree that come May we are all going crazy with the lack of sun, therefore, my recent trip to Miami was exactly what the doctor ordered, to top up my vitamin D levels!

If you haven't been to Miami, OMG GO!!! It's the most incredible place, we stayed on the well known Miami Beach at Soho House and did pretty much nothing but sun-bake and drink cocktails! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have noticed a few of these sickeningly beautiful shots of the beach and club house pop up from me!

Awesome sunnies are a must for Miami and I have to admit I'm a bit of a sunglasses geek/collector - currently obsessed with the brand Finest Seven, they also have the coolest story behind them!

For the first few days walking around beach/club house a kaftan was an absolute must, not only to cover my very ghostly white 'english' skin, but also because it was so darn hot developing the look of a lobster was very easy!!! If you're looking for a really nice one, check out James Lakeland, he does the most beautiful fabrics and prints.

This week on the blog is Miami week.. I will be sharing; what I wore, who I stalked, which brands I stalked and generally the coolest things to do and see if you are planning a trip there, which is a must!!


I'm In Miami Bitch !

20 May 2013

 To all my lovely readers I have to warn you I may be a little bit on the quiet side this week, because I'm currently on a sunbed beside a pool in Miami- oh life is so hard I know!!! But next week I'll be coming back with a splash of all the outfits, Miami street style and lots more!!

In run up to Miami, I've been getting more and more excited especially with the beautiful summer images I've been stumbling across on some of my favourite inspiration blogs like Studded Hearts or LilyLoveLock and Pinterest. Here are my favs!

Massive bikini crush (Image Source

It was also my aim to one day be able to ride a longboard - I did try but gave up just as quickly!! Longboarding in California ohh yes please! (Image Source)

 Vogue Netherlands June 2013 via Studded Hearts

I have massive love for surfing, hence so many of my perfect summer pictures have surfboards in them, I sadly haven't been able to do it since I moved to London but it will always be a favourite past time of mine!

So my lovely readers, if anyone has recommendations for Miami, please let me know via the comments!

Big Love from Miami!


Cool Dudes Wear Pink!

17 May 2013

My last and final varsity stalking favourite for this week has to be Mr Pink! I love the way he carries the pink hat and trouser look and styling this with a cool black varsity jacket makes it a bit more manly!

Mr. Pink works in fashion, which I suppose isn't hard to guess, as you need a certain air of confidence style wise to pull off this look!

If you're a fan of Mr. Pink's look, here are a few similar items: Jacket and Trousers


Varsity Chic

16 May 2013

For this weeks street style trend I've been stalking the streets of London to find the best and coolest peeps wearing their V jackets!

This stylish chick has perfected the 'college' trend with her pencil skirt and jacket - I'm a massive fan this type of skirt and dressed down with a casual jacket, tee and boots is the best way to wear these in my opinion!

For this look: check out this ASOS jacket which I love with the hood! HERE. Her skirt is also HERE


Selfies: A Modern Day Narcissus ?

15 May 2013

In Greek mythology Narcissus fell in love with his own image, which he saw reflected in a pool of water, unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died.

The modern day version of this is known within the social media world as a 'Selfie' (but less extreme) - Definition: Pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length. Recently since the arrival of facebook, twitter and instagram (especially the later) these 'selfies' have exploded in popularity, with whole social media platforms being created that specialise purely in these self adoring shots. So I ask you, are these harmless fun or annoying forms of narcissism that shouldn't be encouraged?

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection, draws on similar parallels to all of us as we flip our iPhone camera's round to face us and pose for the perfect picture, of ourselves! As you can tell..  I can't talk - I'm a self confessed Selfie addict, but it's prominently to show new products I've got my mitts on or fashion! (I quickly add!!)

All started by the big social media boys; Facebook and Instagram which recently recorded more than 25 million photos tagged simply, "#me", this craze has spiralled with networks now specialising in these 'selfies' a couple include WIWT and recently twitter updated it's short video app Vine so that users can upload front facing iPhone videos of themselves - these are 6 second selfies!!!

With today's smart-phones offering high quality images, we've become a nation of amateur portrait snappers and we're all rather obsessed, so is this a good thing?  Psychologists and sociologists argue that the selfie craze stems not only from technology, but from the drive for self-expression and identity experimentation.
"What is its allure? For one thing, it's ridiculously easy to do," wrote Bim Adewunmi in The Guardian. "Selfies offer a medium of control in a snap-happy era, where you're in charge of the image produced, and all the editorial decisions are yours."

There are a mix of pro and anti views on the act of Selfies, the Huffington Post recently published an article about the new version of Vine, which titles it's article; Vine Selfies Are Worse Than You'd Expect, whereas Nancy Wang Yuen, associate professor of sociology at Biola University, told WORLD that “perhaps in two centuries, people will look back on the selfie not as an act of narcissism, but as a democratised form of self-expression.”

In fact the act of taking a picture or recording a representation of oneself has been around a lot longer than you think, look at artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Andy Warhol - these figures were never slammed or criticised for Narcissism, they were praised for their artistic nature.

So I ask you this... Could the Selfie be the new self portrait?


The Duffle Bomber!

13 May 2013

This weeks stalking I have added a little trend to my street style.. and one guess what that is? - Leading on from last weeks post I will be showing you some of my favourite varsity/bomber jackets I've seen on the streets lately and it's boys vs girls!  

First up:
 Please may I introduce Mr Duffle Bomber!

I loved his vintage brown hat with this very cool duffle/bomber/varsity jacket .. also how could a girl resist that cheeky smile, I got the impression he was quite pleased to be style stalked!!

Now boys, if you're duffle fans, check this selection out from Gloverall for shopping inspiration!


Bomber Babe!

9 May 2013

Most trends come and go but out of those trends you will usually find an item or two that will remain firmly 'in fashion' (I hate that expression but there isn't another)! One item which I think we will always love is that bomber varsity style jacket, I stalked this lovely lady in her fabulous yellow and black leather one.

I also loved her whole look, the casual backward baseball cap fitted in perfectly with her American style jacket but she glammed the whole look up with that studded clutch. I didn't want her to pose for me as there was something so beautifully natural about her just texting away that I couldn't resist capturing.


Sweet Treats at Next's Press Office

8 May 2013

As the summer months approach us, it's finally time to start dusting off our bikini's and high waisted shorts and getting ready for some serious vitamin D action! Whether it be in our own country or somewhere hot and exotic abroad, let the summer wardrobe shopping begin! My first stop to get me in this summer mood was at the Next Press office, for a sneaky peep at their summer collections.  

Think Metallics, flouro brights, 1960s prints and lots of lovely reds, pinks, oranges! 

Next always holds fantastic events for it's favourite bloggers, check out their Christmas shopping event here. This time we guzzled delicious old school sweets and champagne, while listening to some of our favourite classic tunes that we has chosen ourselves prior to the night. 

Like true happy snappy blogger, we all fell on the photo booth, adorning ourselves with the silly props inside, like mickey mouse ears!! 

The summer collections are really fun this year so definitely worth popping into Next! If you need some inspiration check out our blogger edit here of all our favourite items, on Next's blog. Personally a massive favourite of mine were all their 1960s prints and shapes, any excuse to don a printed mini skirt and over the knee tights!


New Fashion Kids On The Block

6 May 2013

If you noticed the a shortage of rock 'n' roll fashion folk in certain parts of London a couple of weeks ago, let me enlighten you to their where-abouts, 46 Carnaby Street for the opening of the first London store of the Parisian Rock 'n' Roll kids Eleven Paris.

 Much to the excitement of all the guests mid way through the night, frozen cocktail ice sticks by Icey Done were handed out to all of us who were dancing a little bit too much to Boy George and getting a little bit too hot!!! 

Loving BG's eye shadow!!

As well as some awesome music by the likes of Boy George, this was one of those launch parties which were full of delicious surprises, like Big Apple Hotdogs to satisfy our post work munchies and washed down with pink lemonade gin cocktails!

Guests included London's rock creme De Le creme; Daisy Lowe and the Le Bons!

Eleven Paris are the new rock 'n' roll kids on the block in London, two years it was The Kooples, now it's these guys, with a cracking brand attitude and advertising campaign to match, featuring Keith Richards, Iggy Pop and Lenny Kravitz. 10 years old, Eleven Paris has 16 stores in France with 8 in Paris, so I think you will agree it was about time our French fashion friends crossed the waters and opened a stand alone store here, after already having a big presence online and in multi-brand stores such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Selfridges.

I adore their tee's most of all and to the delight of all of us money saving shopaholics the tees are on the right side of £50!! Love the Marilyn one above!

Check out their new store on 46 Carnaby Street! Find them online here.


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