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8 April 2013

Military jackets/coats have always been sought after items and many brands have copied the idea to recreate their own, but there's nothing more special than the 'real' thing! Recently I spotted this dude, wearing what looked like an original - sure enough it was! Adam found it on eBay and payed the grand sum of £100, the coat is of course worth a lot more as it is a vintage WW2 Canadian RAF greatcoat. 

Buttons maybe missing but who cares, it's still a very very cool overcoat and even more special that it was worn by a brave individual fighting for his country!



  1. love your blog girl! super fierce!!

  2. I love this kind of find, I think there is something special about vintage military clothing which is definitely what you mentioned : the fact it has been worn by a brave individual fighting for his country.
    I once spotted a really good army cape in a vintage market in Bologna, Italy and wanted to buy it but unfortunately it was way too large for me. As a girl I don't care if it's for men since it would be interesting to see how women would wear such piece of clothing.

    The coat is wonderful and very imposing and yes who cares about some buttons missing !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


    1. Shug, thank you for your kind words - i think military always going to be a special part of fashion - i have a similar oversized coat that i adore!


  3. lovely blog :)

  4. Cool guy - i love his oversized coat

    Anna x

  5. Argh! Completely in love with this coat! I've been a huge fan of Les Mis for years and years, and have always wanted a military 'Javert' coat like this to just rug up in on cold winter days and pretend I was stomping around being a villain haha :P

    C x
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