Bare Knuckle Shootin'

29 April 2013

Last weekend was divine weather in London and it's safe to say that as soon as the sunlight comes out to play so do all us street style photographers! I hit the streets around Old Street and Shoreditch for a spot of afternoon style stalking dressed in a couple of my new wardrobe items which I've been longing to share with you!!

In my opinion the best outfits are often the most simple - for a Style StreetStalker:
Jacket, cool tee, killer leathers, and equally killer heels - oh and a bag big enough to fit my Canon, is spot of perfect! Let me take you through Saturday's outfit...

Jacket - The Kooples: this brand is definitely one of my favourites. The French brand arrived in the UK roughly 2 years ago and has been a total hit within the rock 'n' roll and indie fashion kids!

Leathers - Burberry Prorsum !
Shoes - Burberry Prorsum !
Bag - Mulberry
Sunnies  - Next

Tee - This is a new East London t-shirt brand called Bare 77  - these guys are super exciting and I had the pleasure of interviewing them recently.

Bare Seventy Seven has been going since January 2012, each colourway and design is limited to only 77 pieces in total, they aim to stay apart from the herd by not being influenced by what others do. The tees are printed mostly on American Apparel t-shirts.  

Why Did You Decide To Start Bare 77?
In our previous Lives as wannabe hip-hop superstars we had a show in the East end of London and decided it would be cool to get some tees made. The tees came out great, which lead to us printing a few more, then printing a new design and another, and it kind of snowballed from there. Initially we did it as a hobby until last year when we decided to make a go of it business wise. And here we are today!

What's The Story Behind The Name?
The name Bare77 is derived from our previous incarnation as badrevolver clothing. When we first started out that was the name that we went by. We decided that we wanted a snappier name and one that would not bring up grizzly images of firearms. So we took the BA from bad and the RE from revolver added the year of our birth and voila Bare77 was born!

What Inspires Your Designs?
Our designs are influenced by random thoughts, old skool sensibilities, movies, music and all other things that invade the senses on an average day in the big smoke. We do not look at what other people are doing or try and replicate something similar. We just do what we do. Some are hits, some are misses. We take the view that every design we do is a learning curve, from the choice of garment to the type of print process we decide on using.

Check them out here -



Brands To Watch

26 April 2013

There's something very exciting about a new or start up fashion brand, not only are they fresh and unheard of, there's the cool factor of being the first out of all your friends to discover it! I popped along to the Good Results press day to check out the AW13 collections of some of the coolest new brands of the moment - here's my pick of the creme de la creme!

Some of my regular readers may remember I blogged about this brand a while back, since then they have taken the watch world by storm. Their designs for AW13 are hot stuff - the honey bee watch was a personal favourite of mine and definitely warrants a sneaky purchase when they hit the stores!

Read more about Olivia Burton here.

Check out this brand for fabulous accessories and scarves!


This cool French kid has just arrived in the London school playground and everybody wants to be friends with him!!
Last night they opened their first store in London, situated on the uber cool Carnaby Street - With Boy George on the decks, killer cocktails and yummy hotdogs by Big Apple Hot Dogs, it was quite a party, no fear I will be giving you all the goss from last night very soon.. in the meantime I need another coffee!!!!!!

Last but certainly not least is the awesome new menswear brand Pearly King, their t-shirts, jeans, and jackets are all designed and made in the UK, with a small production numbers - definitely one to watch!

Set in the penthouse of the Sanderson Hotel, Good Result PR put on a great event, manicures, lots of bubbles and fab collections - what more could one ask for!


Stalked: Fabulous Metallics

24 April 2013

Metallics are key trend at the moment and it's hard not to rather love them! I stalked this girl in Aldwych heading towards Somerset House to see the latest exhibition.

Loving that envelope clutch as well; so simple yet so cool!


Jansmo Stalked In Soho

22 April 2013

I stalked Jansmo on a side street in Soho he and I were running to the same coffee place Foxcroft and Ginger to get our morning caffeine fix! What I really like about his look was the carefree style and leather combined with knit creates a lovely contrast of textures!

His knitwear was by an emerging designer, that of course I have totally forgotten the name of!!! I bumped into Jansmo again funnily enough when I was buying a new guitar, it's not hard to imagine him being a cool rock dude with his Gibson Les Paul or Fender Strat!!


A Stalked Stalker!

18 April 2013

As my regular readers may know, spotting me in a classic outfit post, are a little bit like spotting a Bengal tiger in a built up city!!

Here I'm wearing: Unif biker jacket, Burberry Prorsum Biker trousers, Wang knitwear, and my fav Native Standard Beanie all the way from California! Jewellery by Garrard and Stephen Webster.

Ages ago I spotted the fabulous Aimee from Song Of Style wearing the blue version of this spiky (spikes on the shoulders) biker jacket, which is from UNIF, a very cool and Rock 'n' Roll American brand. I instantly fell in love and went straight onto their site to buy one - of course the fact that I couldn't buy this in the UK put pay to my impulse shopping desires! Then 6 months later I walked into the cool Bang Bang Exchange in Soho and there it was - and at quarter of the price, happy happy days!!!

For this shoot I was snapped by the very talented fashion photographer Abhishek Khorgade, for Fashion Styleology's latest coffee table book!

Abhishek has been a fashion photographer for 4 years and worked for the likes of Vogue UK - check out his latest shoot for them here which was featured in their April issue.


Stalked: Ragged Hope

16 April 2013

This weekend as the beautiful sun made a surprise appearance so did the fashionably fun kids and as I popped into my new favourite store, '& Other Stories' on Regent Street, I couldn't help but stalk these two crazy ladies! 

You may remember I mentioned in a previous blog post that I want to start doing something slightly different with my Street Style shots, whether it be playing around with lighting or directing my fashionably subjects in an editorial way, to show their personalities! I asked these two to give me a little bit of their character in one shot and I got - FUN & FUNKY.

What caught my stalker eye to start with, was the tiger bomber jacket with its tiger print lining - so cool! This is from Gina Tricot and their awesome beanies are from Topshop!


Press Day: Diesel 55DSL

12 April 2013

There are only a few brands at the moment that genuinely excite me with how they are embracing fashion in a different way and thinking outside the box, one example is Diesel and their brand 55DSL. As well as having some awesome pieces within the collection the brand also supports emerging talent, such as artists, skaters, DJs and musicians. I popped down to preview their FW13 collection, which will be in-store in September.

If you are as much of a t-shirt fan as me then you will love the tee's and especially what they are releasing for FW13, which include limited editions with awesome images like the one above and below.

The collection has an overall subtle theme running through both the ladies and menswear, think cool Western cowboys, with the title of the story being 'Mild At Heart'! Designed in Italy, the collection incorporates soft high quality cottons, quilting and transparency on jersey, lace, mixed wools and even Eco friendly leathers, as modelled by my own stalker self below!

If you once thought this brand was only for skaters, you couldn't be further from the reality - this collection hits current trends head on and in my opinion is perfect for fashion forward twenty somethings, who are looking for something slightly different.

Upstairs equally awesome were the collections for their other lines, including Diesel Black Gold their casual luxury segment.


This collection will be out in stores in September and is definitely worth checking out, in the meantime you can find their current collection here. Also you may remember I attended the launch of Studio 55, their creative platform for emerging talent, they are constantly holding some awesome events for DJs, artists and musicians so it's well worth watching their site and following them on twitter for updates.


Shopping and Pampering!

10 April 2013

So as some of my regular readers know, I don’t blog regularly about matters concerning beauty but when I found a place that combined shopping and pampering, how could I not shout from the roof top, this possibly is the coolest most unique salon I’ve been to in a while.

Now the subject of waxing is never a pleasurable one, but a few years ago I discovered a different type of waxing that was actually considerably painless! No I promise I haven’t been smoking weed and I’m being completely serious!!! If you haven’t already discovered it yourself it's called Hot Wax and is an Australian wax that has revolutionised the world of waxing.

Hot wax isn’t the normal wax which yes is hot but is removed with a strip of fabric, this is removed on its own when it cools. This type of wax is considerably less painful and is utterly perfect for those.. erm.. Sensitive areas !!

At The Waxing Suite in Camden, the lovely Alison who owns the company came from the well known Ministry of Waxing and is extremely good at her job – believe me this makes a difference as well. I found the whole experience is amazingly pain free and to top is off the wax smells like chocolate!!! Her room is decorated beautifully with antique mirrors and lighting fixtures. The whole experience is a pleasure and for the more sensitive types you even get a stess-ball to squeeze at those painful moments.

 After your treatment you can browse the rails of vintage pieces from military jackets to pretty 1950s dresses and jewellery.

The salon is located opposite the Camden Stable Markets, which is the coolest place for a spot of weekend vintage shopping and chilling out, the stable markets are not be confused with Camden Market, which is some say a little bit more commercial. 

The waxing salon is called the Waxing Suite and is inside Dappa Boutique, which you can find here.

For appointments email Alison directly - Email


A Military Fashion

8 April 2013

Military jackets/coats have always been sought after items and many brands have copied the idea to recreate their own, but there's nothing more special than the 'real' thing! Recently I spotted this dude, wearing what looked like an original - sure enough it was! Adam found it on eBay and payed the grand sum of £100, the coat is of course worth a lot more as it is a vintage WW2 Canadian RAF greatcoat. 

Buttons maybe missing but who cares, it's still a very very cool overcoat and even more special that it was worn by a brave individual fighting for his country!


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