Happy Easter!

31 March 2013

A big Happy Easter to all my darling readers from the country! I hope you're having a lovely weekend and eating lots of choccies! 

DIY To Do List

30 March 2013

I snapped this very cool chick on the Kings Road the other day wearing her newly spiked UGGs, that she DIY'd herself. You maybe thinking how far can we all go with this 'spiking every that's wearable' craze and in some cases I agree, but these I think are awesome.

With these Uggs, gold spikes are essential, if you are wondering where to get them; just hit eBay! Because the fabric is soft piercing the sheepskin is easy, for more instructions follow the same method as  I did for my spikey converse - here.


Baseball Love

26 March 2013

In the words of Hank Moody from Californication 'MotherF'keeeeeeer!
My obsession with Hank probably led me to be drawn to this chick, who is possibly the coolest little style-lista I've stalked in a while, of course it was love at first sight for her baseball hat and I, which is the whole reason I stalked her!

I think you'll agree, everything from the 1960s shades to the coat and 'that' hat is awesome!?

Whether it's beanies, baseball hats, animal head hats, people are going crazy for them at the moment, maybe partly due to our stupid weather conditions - If you love this hat as much as I do, here's where it is from!


Campaign Fever Dog

21 March 2013

Walking around any city we're constantly bombarded with campaigns and after a time it's easy to walk past even the biggest brands advertising boards without noticing what they've spent millions on! Every season there are a few campaigns that leave me thinking wow, either because of their artistic value or their ability to make me laugh, here is a little run down of my favourite SS13 campaigns.

Starting with one of my favourite photographers; Terry Richardson and Brazilian label Sergio K's latest campaign, which Sex and Masculinity is screamed in a very loud voice! Featuring the rather gorgeous Tony Ward, actor, model, and yes also Madonna's ex boyfriend! This campaign is as boisterous as they come aimed at, young, attractive males in their golden years, who are on a mission to impress the ladies.

I think what I love about this campaign the most is how damn sexy it is!!! Check out the full campaign here - it only gets more more risk-kay!!!

 Now we all know good old Harney Nic's and their latest campaign which is highly humorous, like are a lot of theirs are - do you remember the SS12 sale campaign - simply brilliant!! I still chuckle when I see this!

Their current one is a classic, the idea of a bulldog in your Burberry handbag, I adore and I'm sure so would Paris Hilton!  

For my next campaign crush, it has to be Baldessarini's latest with the number one Californian long boarder Chris Del Moro. I love the mix of suit and skate, showing how two opposites can very much attract!

Check out the full campaign here. 

 Last but certainly not least is a brand who I am rather obsessed with at the moment, which is Native Standard from California.

What I love about this company and their campaign is their strong brand identity, I'm also always a sucker for anything with a surf board in it!

These are just a few of my favourite campaigns that are slightly different and really stand out from the billboard crowd in my eyes.

Images: Trendland, Sergio K, Native Standard, and Harvey Nichols.


Sunset Stalking

19 March 2013

There was something awesome about this guy, maybe it was his long rock 'n' roll hair or simple but edgy dress sense that caught my eye. For this shot I couldn't help but break the cardinal rule of street style photography: - photographing into the sun... well rules are there to be broken, right?! Everything I know about photography, I have taught myself, so I can't help but give myself a little high five when I take a chance and try out a shot like this and with the sun setting over the Thames behind him, and it works! It set the mood perfectly for how I wanted to capture this dude!

Now enough about photography and onto the fashion, you can't really go wrong with a simple check shirt, white tee and faded jeans, he somehow even pulls off the jeans tucked into socks thing.. serious respect!!


Weekend Ideas: Bill Wyman Exhibition

15 March 2013

Happy Friday to all my lovely readers!

Now if you're wondering what to do this weekend in London, bearing in mind our weather has been one minute sunshine and the next snow - who knows over the weekend we could be in for sand storms or purple rain!!! So how about an exhibition? If you're looking for a good one, check out the awesome gallery in Fitzrovia, Rook & Raven and their latest exhibition of the photography from Bill Wyman, bass guitarist of the Rolling Stones. 

 Over the past 50 years, Bill Wyman has built an epic archive of images, capturing his bandmates, friends and inner circle at ease, offering an intimate perspective of life on the road. Often playful, natural and un-posed, almost like these were not intended to be viewed by outsiders. The exhibition offers a unique insight into one of the biggest Rock 'n' Roll bands of history.

Not only is this an extremely interesting photography exhibition, the gallery have thought outside the box and working with Wyman have chosen a handful of artists to rework some of his photographs. Artists such as Gerald Scarfe, known for his illustrations for Pink Floyd and the legendary album cover 'The Wall' 1979, as well as several major newspapers and magazines. (See above Gerald Scarfe's illustration and Wyman's photograph). 

Other artists include; Penny who does the most incredible stencil work and innovative concepts involving currency and real butterflies, his work has attracted a huge cult following. A favourite of mine is Pam Glew who became synonymous for her alternative portraits and flag painting, where she deconstructs and distresses vintage flags. Lastly the very talented James Mylne, who I think is all levels of awesome, James has built up an incredible reputation as a talented illustrator, working predominantly with only a Biro ballpoint pen, producing photo-realistic work, which will leave you speechless. Check his work out here.

This exhibition is definitely one to pop down to, it's on until the 30th March. For more information check the Rook & Raven website here.

Rook & Raven
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm
Free entry


Live Free, Fear Nothing!

13 March 2013

Live Free, Fear Nothing - These are the wise words on my latest sweatshirt crush.. spotted on this gorgeous lady I style snapped recently, I've been yumming and ahr-ring whether to buy it ever since!
Lately there has been a sharp increase in funky sweatshirts, from LA high school style in Topshop and Browns with their Filles a Papa (back in stock soon), to Rock N Roll chic at Matches and ASOS. Rika's Iron Girl remains a leading contender though!

I think you will agree these boots are probably the most divine things on this planet - please don't kill me but she did tell me where she got them from but I've completely forgotten #street-style-scattiness!!!!


Faux Fur Me Up

12 March 2013

As you may have noticed if you're a fellow tweeter, that everyone in London has been going crazy at the random snow flurries and extremely cold temperatures (yes believe me it's in our genes to always be talking about the weather!!)
Well I personally love this weather, it means you can don the sunnies and faux fur, and look fabulous!! I snapped this chick earlier today!


Her limited edition Ray Bans and whole style aura is what attracted me to her, while I dashed out to get another coffee to warm me up!!


FEAST Your Eyes On This!!

11 March 2013

As you may have noticed recently there has been a huge trend in London for cool, pop up, or concept restaurants that proudly shout 'WE'RE SO SPECIAL YOU CAN'T RESERVE US'!! 

Well for the likes of you and me that can't be bothered to queue 45 minutes in the freezing cold for a table at one of these fashionable hang outs, there's one other option.. which is FEAST, a food festival made up of all these places under one awesome East End Roof!

Let the eating games begin!

Stalked: Ganton Street

7 March 2013

In my opinion Ganton Street is the coolest little street in London, partly because my favourite jewellery store is situated there but also because of it's 'cute' nature, cobbled streets and tiny unique boutiques. This is where I stalked this lovely chick, who works The Great Frog.

I loved her hairband and beautiful array of The Great Frog rings and cuff, I previously did a post on the store here. I'm also a massive fan of vintage shearling, I have a similar one that I stole off my mother, best and cheapest way to shop is in the form of stealing off one's mother!!


Do Not Disturb: Stalking In Progress

5 March 2013

Now what would all these LFW street style shots I've taken be without a good dose of Style StreetStalking to go with it!  
Over the past very fashionable few weeks these were some of my favourites!

That duvet coat by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, got so much attention that the poor lady could hardly walk two meters without being stopped by another dreaded blogger like myself, although on this occasion I decided to Stalk not Stop!!!

Current Queen of digital - Susie Bubble!

Finally the shots I took of the lovely Tuula Vintage were semi stalker, and I adored this last one, so beautifully natural. These I took after the Burberry Prorsum Show, her beautiful colours brightened up a fast falling dusk sky.


Behind The Temperley Door With Matilda Temperley

4 March 2013

Some siblings have hair colour or looks in common, some have a similar personality or sense of humour, for the Temperley sisters Alice and Matilda, it's of course their outstanding creative talent!

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Matilda Temperley, the talented photographer who has covered all of her sisters shows right from the beginning. I caught up with her on the latest AW13 Temperley London show, which was held at the Dorchester.

What was the atmosphere like shooting backstage before the AW13 show?

The atmosphere was particularly calm for the AW13 show. The show was earlier than normal so the models were not held up at previous shows and the backstage area was big enough to not feel too crowded. I have been photographing Temperley shows backstage since 2007 and the most stressful one for me personally was Autumn Winter 12 because a severely broken knee meant I did it from a wheelchair!

What has been the most memorable Temperley show to shoot and why?

My most memorable Temperley show to photograph was probably the 2007 show in New York. I was brand new to photography and at that time I was still working in Uganda as a scientist so the whole atmosphere was incredibly fresh. However, different elements from each show stick in my memory as each one is a very unique experience.

From the show, which was your favourite Look, that went down the runway?

Look 10! (This is the look on the far left side)

Did you always want to be a photographer from a young age and what would be your plan B career? 

Photography is my second career. When I was growing up, although I loved photography, I didn't really consider it a career. I studied at the London School of Tropical medicine and worked in infectious disease control for a few years before deciding to give photography a shot. At that time I was living in Uganda and working in a remote area on the border with Sudan so I took a camera and a manual out there and learnt the slow, hard way without much to distract me. As a photographer you can have a very free life with a reason to look at and document whatever interests you but on the flip side you have to be incredibly motivated.

What started as a hobby for Matilda has grown into an exciting career, she’s shot for publications such as Sunday Times Style, Telegraph Magazine, Marie Claire UK, Marie Claire China, Elle Spain, Elle Portugal, Conde Nast Brides amongst many other projects. As well as shooting at all of her sisters shows she also shoots all of the Temperley London look books and most recently campaigns.

This years Temperley was as beautiful as ever, drawing on inspirations from a film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Alice explains. “Inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘Hedren' we have created a tailored and graphic muse with a balance of allure, savviness, vulnerability and prowess. Textured, rich and structured tailoring appears in Italian Jacquards, fine British checked wool and pristine cashmere. In-house designed and engineered prints and patterns play on the contrasting colours of cream, navy and cobalt, peppered with emerald and gold. Showing a continued evolution of the Temperley woman, today she is an alpha female with a darker side but still luxuriously chic and ultra feminine, whose wish is to live life to the fullest.” Alice Temperley

Honestly I don't think there has been a single Alice Temperley collection that I haven't adored, her latest AW13 collections follows on beautifully from her SS13 collection. Every single item I would adore to introduce to my wardrobe and with this in mind, it's very dangerous that they have just opened a new store right next to where I work on Bruton Street!!


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