MyMink AW13 Presentation

28 February 2013

If you are living in England, Wellie boots are a must have, whereas if you live in Russia the only thing you won't (literally) be able to live without is a fur, with temperatures that drop below 25 degrees, fur is not a fashion statement it's a necessity!!!

In the UK, real fur is a complicated topic and you either love or hate it, I am firmly sitting on the fence with this one, but if you love it then I have found a company for you that ethically and sustainably sources furs, please may I introduce you to MyMink!

Founded by Russian-born Maria Wijngaard MyMink presents ultra-luxe furs in contemporary yet practical silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from the stylish Muscovites and the slopes of the Italian Alps,  bringing an 'old fashioned' material into the 21st century.

I popped along to their presentation in the beautiful and very fashionable restaurant Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge. What better place to hold the launch of the AW13 collection than this place, where you are transported into a beautiful cosy Russian home. Very lucky we are to have this in London as the one in Russia is actually in a secret apartment and strictly invite only!

In my opinion, I really don't agree with 'new' furs that are produced by companies that have no ethical values but there is no doubt that there is a huge demand for it, therefore, if you are going to buy it you may as well buy it from a company that cares about where the fur comes from.
Now for how these beautiful pieces are slightly more ethical than normal furs; MyMink only uses sustainably sourced origin-assured pelts for their outerwear.  This means that all the fur comes from animals that have been farmed specifically for their fur, so by buying MyMink, you're not endangering any species.

MyMink fans include Milly from Made In Chelsea, which is also where you will find one of their showrooms, situated on the Kings Road. My favourite piece has to be the ear muffs, which definitely will have to be in my suitcase when I next go ski-ing!



  1. Ethical fur, I adore it, I'm don't tend to wear fur, but if I did it would definitely be fakexx

  2. Awesome pictures, like your slightly behind the scenes vibe!

    Ashley xx

  3. is that you behind the camera?..see, someone is stalking you! :)


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