Foodie Friday Review: Bubbledogs

1 February 2013

A close friend once re-named Wednesday; 'Hump Day', due to the fact that you can neither get depressed that it's no longer the weekend or excited that the week is nearly over! For this reason Hump Day is the perfect excuse for a few mid week drinkies and naughtiness!

That's where Bubbledogs come in, from the guys behind London's favourite restaurant (and impossible to get a table at) Dabbous!!

Bubbledogs is the awesome new(ish) restaurant on Charlotte Street, which has stirred the London foodie scene into a frenzy! Their ethos is fabulously simple - Hotdogs and Champagne! The great thing is these dogs are not just your average slightly dodgy and tasteless sausage in a bun, these are seriously upper class little fellas! My favourite is the BLT - the delicious pork sausage is wrapped in bacon with caramelised lettuce and truffle mayo.

Now, I know I said they only do Champagne and Hotdogs, but we had to make an exception for this bad boy of an ale - anything called 'Raging Bitch' has to be sampled! 

Another very cool feature of this place was the loos, yes I did just say that! In the bathroom area they have the menus from all the top restaurants in the UK printed on the walls, some with personal messages. So note to anyone on a first date, careful when going as it's easy to spend hours reading all the menu's and messages from places like The Fat Duck!

I have to give you a little heads up about this place, like all 'modern' London restaurants this is another one that doesn't take reservations, so I recommend you get there early and bring a warm coat - but it's well worth the wait! Once inside we were guided to the back of the room and sat overlooking an industrial/ New York penthouse style brick wall with framed dogs cartoons, which oozed the character of the place to a tee!

After a bottle of their delicious champers believe me it wasn't just the camera lens which was a tad blurry!!!

One of the most impressive things about this place, was not the food, but actually the champagne list - forget the dreaded and overpriced Moet type, Bubbledogs have a list of 30 odd different types of champers ranging from small vineyards to large ones, catering for every customers personal taste. Therefore, if I had to sum this place up, I would say it's more of a Champagne bar with yummy hotdogs attached, it's a place to come and chill with friends and not take yourself too seriously!

Bubbledogs excels itself on everything from the champagne, food, to the service! Definitely worth a regular visit!

0207 637 7770
70 Charlotte St,
London W1T 4QG




  1. Looks very fun must check this place out!

  2. This sounds like a great place! Hotdogs and champagne in one. Wish I were in London!


  3. Love the cute dog drawings and the fact they serve in those old school plastic baskets! A cozy fun place that I would def frequent a lot! (='.'=)

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. I've wanted to go to this place for ages, but everytime i go the queue is round the block... is it really worth it and did you actually queue or do you have a cheeky contact there?

  5. I would lve to visit that restaurant!

  6. You should definitely check out my blog post, where i've re-created the bubble dog experience at home - perfect for a dinner party!


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