California Calling

12 February 2013

Whether it's our terrible UK weather or at times our stressful day to day routines, sooner or later you will find yourself saying 'I NEED SUN'! -Sound familiar?  For me the biggest temptation I have is to one day move out to sunny California, but for now I will have to make do with living through the stunning photographs of Emman Montalvan.

Emman is a talented portrait and fashion photographer living out in Los Angeles, his inspiration comes from long train rides, good music, art, and basically anything that makes this world an interesting place. I touched base with him and delved into his fascinating world of photography.

Did you always want to be a professional photographer and if you were not, what would your 'Plan B' career be?

I've always wanted to be a visual artist.   No plan b

Favourite shoot to date?
     Hard question. I love most of them! I always learn something from every shoot

What has been the pinnacle of your career to date?
 Honestly, it was when I moved to LA about 2 years ago from the Philippines to start a photography career out here. I didn't have much with me except for a camera and a goal. It helped to be out of my comfort zone to know my self better as a photographer.

I see you are inspired by music - what kind of music are you into? And whats your favourite music artist?
                I'm into any music that makes me feel. when it hits me, i know i like it. It's always hard for me answer who my current favourite music artist is because there are so many good ones out there right now.

As you know I love your 'Personal' series - what was your thinking behind these shots? (Above picture and all other 'poloaroid style' photos are his personal series)
    I really like nostalgia and that was my inspiration in these photos.

Lastly, what's your favourite fashion brand at the moment?
Eairth. Its a brand from the Philippines and they make the best clothes! you can work with it and sleep with it.

Emman was brought up on a farm located in a small town in the province of Pukidnon, Philippines. From the young age of 17 he taught himself the art of photography and how to evoke emotions though the lens. As a budding photographer myself I am always fascinated to meet people like Emman, his photographs have a beautiful depth to them and personal touch.

Check out his other works here.




  1. these photos are so pretty, I love this carefree concept to these shots!

  2. I love photography too. Sometimes I think the simpler the shot, the better. Really great story x

  3. Wow great pictures love the first one- naughty!


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